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DEVIL’S NIGHTCAP I finally managed to get inDEVIL’S NIGHTCAP I finally managed to get into Lush in Derby to try the new perfumes. I smelled them all then chose two to sample more seriously. I chose ‘Devil’s Nightcap and ‘Sikkim’ as they were the two that appealed to me most by their names and the smell of them in the bottles. LUSH SAY THIS ONE IS “Devilishly Intoxicating!” and once again there is a great story behind its creation. It was inspired by the legend in Dorset which surrounds the ‘Devil’s nightcap’ stone in the town of Studland. A legend from the 1866 says that the devil threw stones across the sea from the Ilse of White attempting to hit Corfe castle or Blindon Abbey or Salisbury Cathedral depending on who is telling the story .This ‘Agglestone’ or ‘Devil’s Nightcap’ is one of these stones. The stone was first noted by Borlase in 1758, and he called it ‘the great stone of men’ - and it was from this time that the stone has been adopted by Druids as being sacred or magical. FROM THIS INSPIRATION The Lush perfumiers then used this inspiration of earthiness and magi cand chose Oak moss, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang as the main notes of this creation. I love the fact that Lush perfumes are created from different stories, music or experience rather than just a group of people in a laboratory just mixing things together until they find a combination they like. THE BOTTLE This new range is not presented in the plain black bottles that we are used to in Lush perfumes. These are in clear square bottles and some are round classic bottles depending on the size of the perfume inside. The labels are quite different, this one is blue and white. The sky is blue and the stone, the ‘Devil’s Nightcap’ is white in the centre. The name of the perfume is in black with ‘Devil’s above and ‘Nightcap’ below the picture. It is sort of retro cartoon style with the colours and certainly very different from the plain black ones of the original perfumes. They look a bit like mini liqueur bottles to me. THE NOTES OR INGREDIENTS Orange Flower absolute has a orange fruity with a hint of floral to me Oakamoss Absolute – deep earthy mossy aroma, a wonderful earthy ingredient Ylang ylang – heady floral from a rainforest tree which can be described in so many ways depending on what it is combined with . It can be a bit like sweet jasmine with a hint of sweet spice like clove, a hint of over ripe banana or guava . Oakwood Absolute has a woody but with a fruity edge, lichen with hints of brandy and also a smoky bonfire hint. Citronellol - which is an aroma chemical giving a floral, rose, citrus and green scent. Methylionone is a chemical ingredient creating an iris or violet note. Hydroxycitronellal is yet another aroma chemical giving a floral, sweet and green scent. THE SCENT I am usually a bit wary of perfumes with ylang ylang but I tested this blind without knowing what was in there. I was drawn to the earthy notes initially but having worn this all day today I just love the earthy damp leaf scent that is lifted by a lemony note which must be the orange flower absolute and citronellal I suppose. When I first put this on it was hard to pick the scents as it was in the lush shop and the scents in there sort of blend with the perfume. Once outside I smelled my wrist again and the spicy, earthiness combination really hit me. I think it reminds me of Fire Tree a little and the notes in ‘Scent of Freedom’ as the earthy deeper notes blend perfectly with the uplifting lemony notes. The ylang ylang is evident and gives the slightly sweet floral tinge which sneak through the earthier notes as a surprise when you are least expecting it. The silage is pretty good as today everyone I have met has commented on my perfume and said how unusual it is. One was a shop assistant in Aldi, the next was the girl who came to do my nails, then the ladies at Homestart mentioned how lovely my perfume was when i popped in there and finally my husband commented which is unusual as he thinks my lush obsession is quite strange and usually ignores whatever I have put on in the way of smells. As for the lasting quality I think that is also great as I went onto the shop at about 10am this morning and now it is nearly 9pm and I can still smell the perfume really strongly on my wrist. It is fabulous and such a true blend of the lemony citrus notes and the earthy oakamoss . I think the prices of the new range went from about £10 for a small bottle of some of them, I believe this was more expensive and either £14 or £18 but I struggled to remember all the prices and I think the two I chose were two of the pricier ones which is typical. WOULD I RECOMMEND? I will be saving up for this one as I just love it. It reminds me of ‘Scent of Freedom’ with its blend of earthy and citrus sort of notes. It is a perfume that last really well and even after about eight hours i am still able to pick out different elements and they blend just perfectly. This one seems to have rather more chemical elements than the previous Lush creations which were mainly natural essential oils but it doesn’t take away from the wonderful woody ,mossy earthy scent which sometimes hides the orange ylang ylang floral notes and sometimes doesn’t as they creep through when you least expect it. Well done Lush, some great new scents and this one is really one for me.


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