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Skin Doctors, Antarctilyne - The Cosmetic AlternatSkin Doctors, Antarctilyne - The Cosmetic Alternative To Collagen I had a few pounds in Amazon vouchers and so when the sales were on just after Christmas I treated my skin to a few presents that would hopefully make me look years younger. I have bought creams from the Skin Doctor’s range before and found it to be very good so I thought I would try a few of their other products and this was one I chose. THE COMPANY Prior to buying one of their products from Amazon I had never heard of the company before but it turns out it is an Australian company originally but has now spread across the world. I am informed on their facebook page that they are ‘industry leaders in the development and marketing of breakthrough cosmeceutical products ‘Well that is a new word in my world so of course I had to go and investigate what that meant. I discovered on several sites that: “Cosmeceuticals represent a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Like cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are topically applied, but they contain ingredients that influence the biological function of the skin. Cosmeceuticals improve appearance, but they do so by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin.” I tell you review writing and reading enlightens me and increases my knowledge every day. Apparently these new products are subject to safety testing but not necessarily to testing as to their claims so you have to be prepared to test them yourself or read someone‘s review to see what they thought. So their products are creams that you apply to the skin as alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Again according to their facebook page their products are award winners; “ ...based on painstaking, cutting-edge research and are packed with more ingredients, at the highest dosage allowable. No wonder consumers notice visible improvement in just a matter of days.” THE PRODUCT This jar comes in a cardboard box with clear plastic packing. The jar is glass and the contents is 50ml of white cream which costs £23.75 on Amazon at the present time but it has a RRP of £39.95 so that is a good price. It is very well packaged which means that the glass jar arrives unbroken but does mean that you get excess packaging for landfill which is not so great. What the product claims: “Topical alternative to collagen injections Advanced peptide technology stimulates collagen production within the skin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. These peptides also help protect your collagen from breaking down helping you to retain younger looking skin for longer. A reduction in wrinkles caused through the decline of collagen should be seen in as little as 30 days.” MY EXPERIENCE I have been using this since mid January so I thought I’d given it a fair try. Now I’ll be honest with you, no-one has said ‘Gosh you are looking younger’ but neither have they said ‘You look tired’ which is the euphemism for you look pretty awful! The cream is white and very soft so you don’t need much as it spreads very easily on my face. I sort of gently pat it on to my lined areas. The worst being my ‘laughter’ lines from my mouth to my nose and my ‘frown’ lines on my forehead and between my eye brows. I obviously spend too much time laughing and alternating this with frowning. I do know the frown lines are not helped as I squint in the bright sun and indeed the ‘laughter lines’ come from me screwing up my face when the sun is glaring and I am driving. The cream contains ‘Trylagen’ which had ‘scientifically’ been proven to triple the appearance of collagen in seven days. It boosts collagen, keeps the skin looking younger and former and also prevents further degeneration. Checking on the pack for the ingredients I can’t actually see ‘Tryagen’ so I feel it must be a combination of the many chemical sounding ingredients on the list. This does not appear to be a very ‘natural’ product from the list of ingredients. The instructions tell me to apply twice a day to face and neck, morning and at night but before first using they suggest a patch test to check for any allergic reaction. I didn’t use this on my neck at all I used my normal moisturiser and limited my use of this to my face concentrating on the lined and wrinkled areas. The little instruction leaflet that comes with the pot is actually only very small in detail but is presented in sixteen different languages so ends up quite a large piece of paper, about A4 in size. The cream doesn’t smell of much really, a bit like Nivea, clean and fairly unnoticeable and certainly won’t cause any offense by being too strong or unpleasant. RESULTS? I am not going to say that I look years younger but I do think it has helped reduce those deeper lines and around my eyes my crow’s feet are looking more like blue tit’s feet and my deeper lines are definitely less entrenched, not disappeared but certainly less defined than they were. The problem with this sort of test is that it is very subjective as even a photograph from early January and then now may not even be accurate as it depends on how the light shines on my face as to what my skin looks like. However I do feel like I have had some improvement in the firmness of my skin and the lines and wrinkles are less obvious. WOULD I BUY THIS AGAIN? Really this means did it do enough to make you think it is worth spending £25 on again. If it was going for the RRP then probably I would try something else but if I had spare Amazon vouchers and it was around the £23 again then yes I think it has been enough of an improvement to encourage me to buy this one again. I use it in conjunction with other Skin Doctor products that I bought at the same time and also a cream with Argan in it so it is hard to say which of the products has had most effect but I have had no adverse reaction to the cream and it feels like it is ‘feeding’ my aged skin with something good. It feels firmer and looks brighter so I am reasonably happy with the results. It isn’t cheap and if I had to buy it in Boots and pay real money for it then I might be less inclined to hand over the hard cash but it is something nice to treat myself to with my Amazon vouchers from various survey sites.


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