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BREATH OF GOD TOOTHY TABS These toothy tabs areBREATH OF GOD TOOTHY TABS These toothy tabs are one of the latest creations from the clever Lush inventors. I do realise that I am a bit of a Lushaholic and my bathroom is full of so many of their products that it looks like a subdivision of the shop as I spend so much money in there and love to try out all the new products. I am working my way gradually through their products either by buying them or cheekily asking for samples. I know all their products are not 100% perfect but I do like the ethics of the company and am so pleased that they have not sold out to some great US multinational like Body Shop did and I feel their products have lost some of the charm that they had before. Lush is proudly British but they do also make a big effort to support other countries and Fair trade whenever they can. One of the things that the owners of Lush was struck with was some art created by using old toothpaste tubes which was done to bring this shocking waste to the attention of the world. Lush say that if they had their way everything would come as solids and unpackaged as so much packaging is wasted and not recycled so is filling the world with non biodegradable rubbish which cannot go on forever without causing damage. This gave them the challenge to create something for teeth cleaning that would not involve all the plastic packaging. Lush discovered these shocking facts about just toothpaste and the tubes it comes in: “* 4% of every tube is wasted because we can't squeeze it out ( * This means every year over 70,000 tons of toothpaste is thrown away and ends up in landfill ( * The average person uses 276 tubes of toothpaste in their lifetime. * 2 million tubes of toothpaste are thrown away in the UK every year (figures estimated from the Mintel Toothpaste Snapshot 2009 report) * 3,000 tonnes of plastic from tubes becomes waste equating to 6.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions ( THE SOLUTION Toothy tabs were invented and a small matchbox sized pack holds 40 small often brownish ‘pills’ which actually do clean your teeth when you crunch them and use a toothbrush. The packs are all the same, black and white cardboard box - the white inner part is pushed out to reveal a small hole through which a Toothy Tab can be shaken. The box has a sticker with a cartoon picture of the person who made the Toothy Tabs and the expiry date. This is just card which can be recycled in the normal paper or card system and anyway it is, unlike the plastic and aluminium toothpaste tubes which end up in general waste. FLAVOURS Aquatic which is supposed to be sensual with jasmine in it Atomic which has clove and cinnamon and ginger in it Breath of God with sandalwood, fennel and vanilla Dirty with spearmint Sparkle with lemon. Grapefruit oil and vanilla Ultrablast with lavender, spearmint and peppermint Chou Chou with rose There are so many different flavours in these Toothy Tabs that there will be certain to be one that you like. Some are there all the time and some are only released for limited times. Simon Constantine comments: "I was really keen to take perfumery up a gear and be able to actually perfume someone's breath ... wouldn't that be something!" SOUNDS ODD Now you do only need one Toothy Tab for each brushing and in fact I find that half is enough most times so it could last you either 40 days or 20 depending on your usage and how often you clean your teeth each day. The pack costs £2.50 for 40 which is not bad value really for over a month’s teeth cleaning. PACKING Yes it is in the small matchbox sort of pack with a sliding inner. The box is pretty easy to open and then you punch out the hole for the tabs to be tipped out of. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag and it weighs nothing. Because it is cardboard you do have to keep them away from water so away from the wet in the bathroom otherwise the pack will go soggy and so will the tabs inside. BREATH OF GOD Lush say “Breath of God contains an echo of the same thought-provoking fragrance. There are powders of sandalwood, myrrh, benzoin, fennel and vanilla, blended together for an incredibly gentle, yet fresh delicious flavour. It won't leave your mouth overpowered by mintiness, but beautifully perfumed by this spiritual blend reminiscent of the fresh Tibetan mountains.” Theses toothy tabs have a more citrusy flavour with a hint of peppery flavour for warmth and the entire thing is a real palate freshener so perfect to clean your mouth before going out for a meal as it won’t spoil the meal or the flavour of the drinks. So you take one or a half I have found is fine and crunch it in your mouth. Once you have the tab crunched then take your toothbrush rinsed with water and use it as normal. The tab froths lightly so that you get the cleaning froth needed to clean your teeth and make your mouth taste nice and minty and your breath is also fresher. I find that there is more than enough froth or foam created to get a really good brush clean and I use mine with my electric tooth brush and very occasionally when I have forgotten to charge it I use them with a normal toothbrush and they work just as well with both methods. After brushing, rinse your mouth and if you want to then use mouthwash or floss or your mini tooth brush like I have that cleans between my teeth. This one isn’t a powerfully strong flavour surprisingly but it does leave your mouth smelling good almost perfumed. The only thing I do find is that I get lots of bits still left in my mouth which I haven’t crunched enough but as they taste quite nice I don’t worry too much if I find a small bit hidden in my gums. I do quite like the flavour of this bit it is a bit different the sandal wood can be tasted and creamy vanilla with a slight aniseed from the fennel citrus taste of this one with its peppery after taste and my mouth does taste nice and fresh from this flavour. If you are however going to have your first try of toothy tabs then I would say go for Dirty as it is the most traditional flavour for toothpaste. Whatever flavour I have used my teeth always feel REALLY clean and as I run my tongue over my teeth I get no residue or plaque sort of feeling left so they do a good job of cleaning.. DO THEY DO THE JOB PROPERLY? Lush have been running a dental trial all year, in which volunteers use the tabs twice a day and attend regular monitoring sessions. I am not sure what the conclusion is but presumably nothing untoward has been found as they would have stopped making them. They say the results have been very positive. Tooth paste is actually only to make brushing more pleasant as it is the action that does the job. Fluoride is added to most tooth pastes as it has been found to help strengthen teeth but it can be dangerous. Many places have fluoride in their water so adding more is not always necessary. My son’s teeth have been discoloured by fluoride as I gave my children fluoride pills as suggested when they were young and it was obviously not needed. My teeth are really weak and so I was concerned that my children’s would be too. I have to use a toothpaste with high fluoride now as mine are so weak so I tend to only use these when travelling as I can pop a pack in my bag for using on the plane. I take them when we go away for a couple of days and so on. HOW DO THESE WORK THEN? The ingredients in this are interesting : Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sorbitol, Lauroyl Sarcosine, Sandalwood Powder , Kaolin, Benzoin Gum Powder, Vanilla powder, Myrrh Gum Powder, Fennel Seed Powder , Sodium SaccharinQuite a few of the ingredients are there for their scrubbing quality and these are Dicalcium phosphate anhydrous which is a gentle abrasive that helps to remove plaque from your teeth. Sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar also scrub and cleans and help to whiten teeth . Salt does the same job which is scrub and whiten as does the kaolin but probably only scrub in that case. In the war and when times were hard Bicarb was used to clean teeth but has no real flavour of breath freshening quality. Sodium lauroyl sarcosine is a surfactant so creates the foam and helps break down the stuff that builds up on your teeth. It is found in many toothpaste brands, that helps to create foam. A surfactant also helps to dissolve the residue that builds up on the teeth. Sodium saccharin which I am not so thrilled about is an artificial sweetener to make the ingredients more palatable. Apart from the scrubby ingredients there are but a few other powders which give the flavour to these toothy tabs and these are Sandalwood Powder , Benzoin Gum Powder, Vanilla powder, Myrrh Gum Powder and Fennel Seed Powder. Another plus is that these ‘Breath of God’ tabs contain absolutely no animal-derived ingredients, so are fine for vegans. None of the Toothy tabs contain fluoride so if you think you need that added you can take supplements or use the toothy tabs alternatively with a high fluoride toothpaste. Many people are against fluoride in toothpaste and so these do give the option for those who want to avoid it. WOULD I RECOMMEND? Yes I think these are a great idea, novel and earth friendly both in the ingredients and the packing. They are perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag with a foldway toothbrush (those that come in half and the top tucks into the handle) for freshening up on the move. I always have these in my handbag when we travel as I can brush my teeth on the plane or at the airport or wherever I find a basin. I do like the flavour of these as they are really tasty combination of slightly spicy but gentle with a creaminess but slightly perfumed quality. My teeth feel clean, they don’t look white because my teeth are a bit discoloured from something and never look white despite all the whitener stuff I have tried. My mouth feels clean and my breath smells fresh and slightly perfumed l would describe this as. I am not sure that I would rely upon these solely for my mouth and tooth hygiene as they are quite expensive compared to most toothpaste brands and also I do need the fluoride in the toothpastes to stop my teeth crumbling away according to my dentist. They are however a positive in so many ways for the environment as there is so little packaging and what there is can be recycled easily. There are not many ingredients and all are pretty much natural. They are perfect for travelling as they weigh nothing and can go in your bag as they are not liquid. They would be great for festivals and also keeping in your bag for emergency freshening up needs. I will always have at least one pack of these for the times I have mentioned but would not totally get rid of the regular extra strength fluoride my dentist has recommended that I use. I have tried a few of these flavours from Lush and though this one is not the most traditionally toothpaste like flavour you may like it as it isn’t really in your face strange. If you have not tried these I would say give them a try, maybe try ‘Dirty ‘ first but this one is also a pleasant flavour and not as in your face as ‘Atomic’ so this one would be a good one for your first try. The lovely people at Lush will advise you as to what each one tastes like and may even give you a couple to try if you ask nicely.


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