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HISTORY OF THIS SECRET According to the advertHISTORY OF THIS SECRET According to the advertising they are know as Hollywood's beauty secret for over 100 years and have been used since 1889. Until very recently I had never heard of them and I can't recall where I did first hear about them. Just as an aside they were mentioned in a novel I read recently, "East of the Sun" by Julia Gregson as the heroine's mother swore by them! WHERE CAN I BUY THEM? As usual desperate to try and look younger again I read about these somewhere and went looking to buy them. Initially I thought they seemed quite pricey at about £17.50 per pack so I hunted around ( Ebay came up trumps at £10.00) and decided to buy them. I didn't want to pay full price in case they didn't work so I thought I could risk £10 but not nearer £20. WHAT ARE THEY? They come in a small box about 4" across and 1" deep. They are in a plastic bag with some basic instructions stuck together in a rectangle shape divided into 4 triangles that tear apart. Very strange things and such a simple idea. In the pack you get 144 of these triangles.They remind me of extra strong packaging tape. They sound very glamorous don't they? WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? They are not creams so what do these bits of packaging tape do and how? You tear off your triangle of stiff paper/card with sticky gum on the back. You wet the gummy side and press it over your wrinkles. I use mine between my eyes at the top of my nose where I had a deep crease. You could use more across your forehead and there are different shaped ones for the 'laughter' lines either side of your mouth. Anyway they take a bit of getting used to. You obviously only wear them at night as they are not attractive. You must leave them on for at least 3 hours so I guess you could wear them as you do you house work at times when you are not expecting anyone to call. They are a little strange at first but once you have it fixed on you do forget you have it one. Sometimes I have gone to scratch and nearly knocked/pulled it off but usually I sleep all night and wake up less creased on my nose. Apparently they retrain your muscles so that they learn not to crease in the same place. And amazingly enough this extremely simple idea seems to work. They are best worn for daily for 30 days then 3 or 4 times a week after that. GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK The instructions say that if you are not impressed by line reduction after 14 days you can send the rest back and get a full refund ( less shipping cost) but I don't suppose it is actually worth the hassle so they are quite safe on that. Anyway I found they did work so hopefully they will for you too. SUMMARY They are not that expensive if you shop around and I found they do work better than creams at smoothing the wrinkles. I think that the creams and lotions do moisturize your skin but do not do a lot for wrinkle smoothing


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