Giving me the Royal Treatment Written by catsholiday

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Boots Royal Jelly Nourishing Body Souffle I wasBoots Royal Jelly Nourishing Body Souffle I was given this rather luxurious body cream a while back for Christmas or my birthday and because it was so yummy I have used it only every now and then as a bit of a treat. When I decided to write the review I only had a smidgen left so have had to save this so I can keep smelling and testing it while I write. I looked on the Boots website and it is selling for £2.79 but there is a special offer on some of the Royal Jelly products offering them at 2 for £3.50 at present. This was advertised online so I haven’t checked if this does apply. The jar contains 150ml on line but my jar was 200ml and using it occasionally I have enjoyed it since Christmas. The jar is a very standard looking plastic jar with a gold coloured plastic screw top lid. On the front is a gold coloured label with the name of the product and on the back if you have very good eye sight you can read about the contents from a clear sticky label. Unfortunately I have no idea at it what it says as my eyes are not up to reading micro print in pale coloured lettering. I do believe that both the jar and the lid can be recycled through the plastic recycling bins. There is a warning about avoiding getting the product in your eyes and to rinse with water if you do. Also they say to keep the product out of direct sunlight; presumably this will make it deteriorate if it gets too hot though I can’t imagine that this would be a huge problem in the UK. According to Boots website the product: “Boots Royal Jelly body souffle contains natural Royal Jelly and Honey which are well known for their hydrating and soothing properties. Massage Royal Jelly Body souffle gently onto your skin to leave your body feeling smooth and soft.” The product is a lovely soft creamy lotion. It is thicker than a lotion but thinner than a cream. It is very light and spreads very easily on my skin. It is quickly absorbed leaving my skin feeling lovely and soft but not in the least greasy. I love putting in around my shoulders and top area as then the smell rises during the day and I can breathe in and enjoy the luscious aroma. The product is a darkish creamy colour a bit like creamed honey but very soft, not quite soufflé soft but it is light, a bit like the consistency of semi whipped cream. The smell is hard to describe but it is creamy and sweet, slightly vanillary. The honey is the sweet smell and this somehow combines and makes it smell a bit like baby powder crossed with warm milk and honey. I know this is a strange description but it has the sweetness and light powderyness of baby powder alongside a very creamy, honey rather rich deep aroma that is very luxurious in my view. What are the benefits of Royal jelly? Royal jelly is the secretion from bees used to feed the Queen bee and any larvae that they decide will be future queen bees and it is secreted from the glands of worker bees. This is not something that is produced in great quantity by bees and in fact in a well-managed hive during a season of 5–6 months can produce only about 500 g of royal jelly. This means it is quite a valuable natural product. Royal jelly has been linked to lots of health benefits. It contains concentrated quantities of beneficial goodies including protein, lipids and carbohydrates. It is rich in natural hormones and B vitamins and contains 17 amino acids, including the eight essential amino acids. It is also rich in cystine, lysine and arginine which are amino acids which helps maintain health and well being. The vitamins in this powerful jelly include Vitamin B I, B2, B6 and a trace of Vitamin C. This is a pretty powerful natural cocktail and has many benefits health wise which I won’t go into. A lot of people take Royal jelly capsules for these health benefits. I would imagine in a skin care product that the main benefit is the healing and protein building qualities but I am not expert. Whatever the benefits the honey in it makes it smell lovely and the product is certainly one I shall be buying again when I am allowed back into Boots by my husband. I have so many bath and body products to use up and we are trying to sell our house so I have been instructed to ‘BUY NO MORE’ until we move! I would definitely recommend trying this product as it isn’t too expensive and smells gorgeous. It has made my skin feel nice and soft and has had no ill effects on my eczematic skin. Be aware that it does contain honey so if you have an allergy to honey or bee products then steer clear.


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