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Max factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + SeruMax factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum WHERE DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE PRODUCT? I was recently chosen to take part in a Supersavvy circle project for this new foundation. By being chosen I received a full sized bottle of the product and about twenty samples as well as about 20 vouchers for £2 off a full price product. The idea of the project is that you share your experience, tell people about the product and hand them samples and vouchers if interested. The project stuff arrived carefully packed through the post and I duly began talking to friends and relatives about the project and handing out my samples and vouchers. This part didn’t take long as everyone was keen to try the samples and everyone loves money off vouchers so this was a very painless task. THE PRODUCT This is a really great product in that is is not only a light foundation but as it contains serum it also feeds your skin and on top of that it contains a sun protection of factor 15. Now I realise that is not a high sun protection but it helps to protect your face daily, if you are planning on sunbathing then go for a stronger factor for sure. This product is quite a light foundation but seems to work well at covering fine lines and wrinkles and the addition of both the serum and sun protection helps to protect the skin on your face against the appearance of ageing signs such as age spots and uneven skin tone. Because it is such a light product it doesn’t clog in the lines and wrinkles but is designed to blurr the edges of these imperfections. It does seem to glide nicely over my skin and diminish my fine lines as well as helping reduce any uneven skin tone without the caking that some foundations cause. Apparently there are ingredients within the product that help reflect light which is how the uneven skin tone is balanced. MY EXPERIENCE As part of the project we are asked to do mini surveys with the people we talk to, then go beyond this and ask they if they liked the product, what they liked and what they didn’t and feed all this back to the people running the project. Throughout the project we are asked to be honest and report back on what people have said or experienced honestly. I have had no trouble at all finding people to survey, I have talked to family, friends, neighbours and my daughters have also passed on samples and fed back surveys and conversations they have had with their friends. I have asked a wide range of women of different ages and backgrounds and have received a lot of feedback from them. I will share some of the pros and cons that my ‘team’ of samplers have experienced. PROS Every single person I talked to commented on the fact that it smelled very pleasant, light and slightly fruity sweet and fresh. Everyone liked the idea of the sun protection as even in our climate faces are exposed to sun far more than we think and the sun does age us sadly. Again everyone liked the idea of the serum to feed and moisturise the skin while also wearing foundation as some foundation is very dry and most need a moisturiser on first. The price is pretty reasonable at £12.50 from Boots and with a £2 voucher it comes down to £10.50. At the present time Boots are doing a buy two get third free offer too so if you get together with a couple of friends it becomes even cheaper. It comes in a good range of skin tone colours, six in all which blend to suit most skin tones but not sure about dark Asian and African tones they would have to go and try in a store I think. Applying the product is really easy as it is very light and glides on evenly without needing any great expertise. CONS For those with greasy skin it did make their skin feel even greasier. The sun protection is not strong enough for a very sunny day or using when ion holiday somewhere really hot. It is a very light foundation and some found it rather too light and wanted a thicker covering. Because of the serum I found that sometimes I needed a bit of face powder to fix the product on my nose as it could be a bit ‘wet’ in that area. Some found the sample tone of natural 50 a bit light but there are darker tones if you choose to buy the product you can test the tones in store. MY FEELINGS I have enjoying trying the product and sharing experiences with friends and family. I had a friend from Australia staying with me and she liked it so much that we went into Derby specially to buy some from Boots for her to take back to Australia with her. I really love the way this is such a light easy to apply product. It is easy for even a fairly useless person at make up like me to apply and get an even coverage. It is a touch light so i just use a bit of bronzer or a tiny bit of Lush’s ‘Charlotte Island’ to give me a little colour. It doesn’t cake at all even after a whole day and it is easy to remove with a light make up remover. Sometimes I have forgotten I have had it on and washed my face at night and my face has felt nice and moist at the time which I thought was really good. It is such a nice product that I think I might take advantage of the voucher and buy another to keep to use when this one finishes as it is a product I have worn daily since having it and it seems to give me a nice natural look but an even tone and my lines are not quite as obvious. WOULD I RECOMMEND? Yes I think I would but I do think I would try it as it doesn’t suit all skin types and anyone with a greasy skin might have to be a bit careful as it can be a touch greasy. I am not sure that i would stop using any moisturiser with this. I have put my moisturiser on after my bath then put this on after breakfast so that my skin has had time to absorb the goodness of the moisturiser before i apply the foundation with serum. I would say go and give it a try and see what you think. It is not a thick foundation but I like the coverage I have with it.


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