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Category: General  /  Created: 2012-11-12 06:37:02
Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine I boughtOlay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine I bought this product as I hate going on holiday and looking pasty white and I also don't like getting too much sun on my face - skin cancer and ageing wrinkles are not attractive and must be avoided at all costs. The nice thing about this cream is that it not only gives a slight tanning effect but it also provides 15 factor sun protection which is not that high but better than nothing which is what usually gets put on our faces in UK I suspect. The cream comes in a squeezable tube and is very light and easily spreadable to get an even spread. It smells quite fresh and doesn't have that strong, strange smell that many self tanning products have. The effect of tanning is not immediate but after a few days it is quite noticeable. It is great because being gradual people notice you look healthy rather than notice you have a streaky uneven tan. I don't worry to much about total eveness of application , I do go down my neck and a bit round the back then sort of thin it as I get to where I'm stopping so I don't get a line. I haven't had any lines or streaking at all and I've used it on and off for 2 years now. I like the natural look this cream gives, it certainly isn't a real false orangey look not the leather look of old people with too much sun it just makes you look glowingly healthy. I have a very sensitive skin and have had no reaction at all to this cream. I have been using it for at least two years now without a problem.


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