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[color=#800080][/color] When I say I love recipes[color=#800080][/color] When I say I love recipes I am not talking about chocolate cake (although I do LOVE cake) rather I am referring to cosmetic recipes. If you are a total beauty junkie like me you will have drawers full of bits and pieces that you didn't love or was the wrong colour or weren't impressed with-the list is endless. So, one day I was rifling through my drawers, having a good clearout and a little cry over all of the items I was going to throw away when I heard the singing of Angels and it came to me...Why throw them away when the possibilities of creating my own products (well not actually creating but you know what I mean) are endless?! How many times have you bought a foundation that's been slightly too light or dark? Or a mascara that didn't live up to its claims? Alone they may seem unusable but alongside other products they may turn out to be the best things you ever bought! An afternoon later and I had found a number of products that mixed together creating SUPER products which would either save me money or give me the effect I was looking for and couldn't get from the products singularly. I found that Estee Lauder double wear foundation mixed with some tinted moisturiser and pore filling primer gives a base that any celeb would be proud of. Maybelling colossal volume mascara as a base coat with Benefit's They're Real over the top gives lashes so long and thick that I'm frequently getting asked if they're real-no pun intended. If I ever get a skin flare up an antibacterial concealer mixed with a tinted moisturiser gives a great base that will help with said flare up. Benefit's Highbeam mixed with moisturiser gives a lovely dewy glow to the skin-perfect for those that do not like a base but want skin to look fresh and dewy. I found lipsticks that were not the right shade but mixed with vaseline and some highlighter they became blushers, I even melted some down and made my own little lip glosses in unique shades. Samples and free gifts that are often give away are perfcet for these kinds of experiments. So next time you are bored try your own little experiments and make your own recipes. Your perfect mascara/foundation/whatever may be closer than you think....


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