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(Updated: April 02, 2018)
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Strongest points
High quality brand,
Dries fast,
Easy to apply the base polish (not the glitter pieces)
Weakest points
The glitter doesnt apply well,
Glitter pieces too big,
Hard to remove,
Hard work,
Glitter tends to stay at the bottom.
I recieved 2 bottles of this for christmas from my sister and then my little brother and i was looking forward to trying it. They're my first Opi glitter type polish and i thought i liked the yellow base colour.
I know these types of nail polishes are hard work as i have many from another brand but this polish is so much harder to use.
The yellow base is sheer so needs 2-3 coats to get a nice colour and applies well but the glitter pieces are so hard to pick up on the brush and tend to stay at the bottom of the bottle, they're also quite big and are so hard to place and get a nice result.
The best thing to do is to try and work quick and maybe use a long tool to get the pieces out like that and place them where you'd like them.

To me the formula isnt as good as other opi polishes and the colour of the glitters just dont suit the yellow base polish.
I wouldnt pay full price for this you can pick ut up at places lile TK Maxx and sometimes even the discount shops like poundland.
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Opi - Pineapples have peelings too
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