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Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara
Mascaras 4lex4ndr44lex4ndr4 December 09, 2018 172
clampy and overpriced
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Long lasting 
Well defined lashes 
Ease of use 
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Strongest points
+ saturated colour
+ long lasting
+ extremely waterproof
+ beautiful design
Weakest points
- clumpy
- runny texture
- too much on the brush
- overpriced
- not every make up remover can handle it
While I am a huge admirer of Clinique High Impact non-waterproof mascara of Clinique, its Waterproof counterpart is far from my favourites. First of all, it has slightly different brush and much runnier texture, and to this end in the beginning the brush always comes up covered in the substance so much I can barely see its bristles. In this case, clumps are very difficult to avoid and well-defined lashes are more wishful thinking than a reality. Only after some time of use the mascara solidifies enough to be less troublesome in application. To its credit the mascara is not a flaky sort and extremely persistent in terms of being waterproof - even rubbing my face with a handful of water barely made 'a dent' in its coverage, moreover, any snow, sleet or rain is not an issue for this mascara. Yet this durability comes with a price - not every remover is capable of wiping the stuff off (and if the recommended Clinique remover has to be used, it is quite pricey). All things considered, I would rather not recommend this one due to its price and difficulties in application.
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Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara
Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara
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