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beautiful lip buzz
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Strongest points
+ relatively non-greasy
+ visually enhances the lips
+ handy applicator
+ long lasting (up to 4 hours)
+ cute packaging
Weakest points
- sensations of tingling, stinging and buzzing may seem overpowering withing 10 minutes of application
- not saturated
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss is unlike any other gloss that I've tested and tried before - it actually makes lips plumper and more pouty by creating a distinct tingling sensation that kicks in after 5 minutes following the gloss' application. The sense reminds of sizzling soda bubbles on the lips or the feel of chilly pepper left on the lips after a good bite of a spicy food, however, 10 minutes in after the application the tingling may become almost unbearable (like burning or stinging) that it is a struggle not to wipe the substance off. However, this extreme buss lasts for 2 to 3 minutes tops gradually fading into a menthol-like sensation. The buzz may re-appear after consuming any beverages but its force will not be the same as it was on the first contact. The lips do look bigger and more accentuated. The gloss is moderately sticky to the extent to stay on the lips for a long time. It has a vanilla-infused scent, more an industrial like than a candy-like. It has a handy applicator that delivers the amount needed. This gloss in its structure reminds me of early 2000 glosses with a multitude of rainbow-coloured shimmering particles, yet not very pigmented to keep the look more natural. I've tested Candy Queen (very pale pink and almost translucent upon the lips) and Plumsup (pale pigmented cerise or punch) and both looked magnificent on my lips.
In general, despite the unexpected buzz of the gloss, I can recommend this beauty cutie!
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Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Plumping Gloss
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