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L'Oréal Glam Shine Lip Gloss
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L'Oreal Glam Shine Aqua Lychee
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I love the applicator which is s soft and easy to use. The pointy end means you can be quite accurate when applying this to your Cupid's bow or the corners of your lips and you get a nice neat line . I use a lip crayon to draw out the shape before applying this. However because it is a pretty lght colour and a gloss you can also apply this without even looking by just popping it on your bottom lips and then pressing your lips together and sliding them from side to side. It doesn't give quite such a professional look but does top up the gloss when needed.

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I do like the fact that this Glam Shine gloss has a nice slightly sweet and quite delicate fragrance and flavour. This means it is pleasant to wear on the lips and kind of like a flavoured lip balm.

The other thing I like about this Glam shine gloss is that is is also moisturising as it has hydrating ingredients to moisturise as well as adding shine to your lips. It is nice and smooth in texture and sort of feels rich and creamy on my lips.

The colour I have is a subtle dull pink which gives a nice hint of colour without lookig as though I have applied a really obvious red colour . This means that I can wear it every day and that I don't have to be too accurate when applying it.

I also love the fact that this lip gloss lasts really well on my lips giving them protection and colour . L'Oreal say that this “shines for up to 6 hours” but I am not sure it lasts quite that long as if you eat or drink or even go out in the cold it does wear off before six hours.

Another positive is that this Glam shine product has a hint of a plumping agent so it does tingle a little on my lips and does mean my lips look a little fuller. My lips are not at all full and plump so any little plumping helps make them a bit fuller.

I do find that this does come off onto glasses when drinking but again the colour I have is not very dark so doesn't look too awful on glasses.

This colour is a really natural looking colour so gives my lips a nice even colour and plumps and adds a lovely shine which last on my lips around an hour or so in an obvious way and longer in a more subtle way.

I find I get the best results by first applying the gloss onto my lower lip, from the centre to the corners. I then do the same on my top lip. I find that this way gives me the best effect with the denser and shinier colour in the middle of my lips.

If I want a deeper shine when going out I use Benetint on my lips first to give a deeper colour then do the application as in the previous paragraph followed by adding bit more Glam shine just on the centre of my lips both top and bottom but with a bit more on the top. I find this gives a lovely colour with the Benetint showing through and a great deep , full gloss on my lips.

I am in my sixties and find this a nice product but feel it is also a good one for any age from teens through to my age and older. I think that the colour I have is a nice natural one giving gloss and moisturising with a bit of plumping so would suit any age.

I like the soft diamond or heart shaped sponge applicator as it holds a goo amount of product and allows accurate application. I am not sure how much of the product will be wasted at the end , time will tell, The bottle holds 6 ml of product so hopefully not too much will be wasted from not being able to get at it.
Weakest points
“L’Oréal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.”

The last bit allows them to test while claiming they do not! In order words, they do fund animal testing of their finished products in China, where the practice is required by law.
This is a nice lip plumping gloss from L'Oreal but be aware of their ethics
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L'Oreal Glam shine Aqua Lychee
L'Oreal Glam shine Aqua Lychee
L'Oreal Glam shine Aqua Lychee
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