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L'Oréal Glam Shine Lip Gloss
Lips soonsoon January 29, 2009 2828
Sparkling but a tiny bit too greasy
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the sparkling was great at the beginning but the unpleasant feeling of greasinness on the lips won at the end.

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Strongest points
- striking shine
- good smell
- light tube
- easy to apply
Weakest points
- a bit too greasy for my liking
- goes OK with some evening activity (parties, celebrations), not as good to apply for daily work at the office
This gloss found me as a birthday present. It was something close to mocca shade (just like at the main picture here) and went well with my brown eyes. The shine produced by this gloss is really astounding, its like you lips have suddenly hosted a total party of million sparles. Thus the name of the product definitely speaks for itself. I used it at several parties and sure enough was noticed immediately and inquired about the beauty product in question - i.e. many of my friends also wanted to try it. It lasted quite a while as well, and the lips stayed moisturized for a long time after the application The tube had a good handle and being a light-weight item it was easy to take with you anywhere, while its interesting shape helped me to fish it out of the bag blindly.
The thing which disturbed me about the gloss was that it felt a little bit too greasy, like an additional film on the lips. Thus I discontinued using it after a while.
One more good tip for gloss-users in general: rumour has it that certaing glosses unlike lipstics have some components that may freeze under the temperatures below zero thus it is not recommended to use them in winter.
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