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Written by catsholiday   October 12, 2013  
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This radiance boosting wonder product will even fool your best friend. What hangover you say? This is your morning-meeting saviour; and all round brilliant pick-me-up.


Tip: Don't overdo it! A little dab dotted and blended onto temples, inner eye corner, just under brows and/or cupids bow are enough to make your whole face light up.


None listed that I could find.

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Go & Glow
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Go and Glow Highlighter

I was browsing in Superdrug one day and tried a few bits and pieces on my hand. I then went out without buy but noticed that on my hand there was one of the things I tried had a really nice sheen to it. I then went back into the shop to track this product down as it gave a very nice look which I thought would be nice to reflect the light on my face.

I tracked the product down and bought it, it was this Go and Glow highlighter which I had never heard of before seeing this.

This comes in a thin tube which you squeeze to dispense the amount you need. The top is screw off top so no danger of accidental spillage and it is big enough to hold a decent amount but not too big to fit in most make up bags easily.

I paid about £8 for this but it varies from £10 down to £5 I found on http://www.lookbeauty.co.uk but I have never ordered from them so I don't know the postage details and costs. It is apparently a part of Look magazine and they have their own look beauty range.

I am not a great one for glitz and shine but this really took my eye and I have found it great for using either with or without a foundation. I summer I found that I could use this with no foundation as I had a good false tan colour and this just lifted parts of my face and gave them a little highlighting without looking tarty or like I had fallen in a glitter pot.

I also have used this with foundation to bring a little life to parts of my face. I find less is more and a little is enough to do the job. I use a little on my cheek bones and also on my temples. I also pop a little at my eye corners as it eases the dark and fine lines there. I also find it works well as an eye highlighter under my eye brows and right in the corner of my eye. I have also used it after I have applied my lip stain as this gives a nice sheen on my lips but you do need the colour underneath. It works really well after some of the Lush lip colours that are darker as it gives sheen and lightens them as well.

The product is a fairly sheeny cream colour, it reminds my of mother of pearl in its colour and sheen. There is no glitter and the sheen is a sort of light reflector so it catches the light and lifts your face where you have applied it. The cream is quite thick but light, not gloopy and heavy so it blends easily I find. It doesn't clog my skin at all and with no foundation it looks as though you have no make up but healthy bright and alive skin.

I find a little goes a long way as you really need the teeniest bit, I find a little o the tip of my nose and either side of my nose in the corners also makes it seem less prominent.

I dab it on with my fingers and then brush it out a little. I have also mixed a little with my foundation and that has made it blend well and add the sheen and highlights all over.

I have been very happy with this highlighter as it is very adaptable and gives my skin a lift and makes it look brighter and healthier which is always good.

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Blends well and lifts skin
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A really versatile highlighter
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