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Foundations Merry123Merry123 May 26, 2014 1513
Shows any dry patches and shows up pores
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Great bottle, easy to hold and great pump dispenser
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Takes ages to blend, shows up dry patches and pores
Maybelline sent me a bottle of this and I had quite high expectations for it.

The bottle looks nice and is very easy to hold and dispense enough product to apply to the face.

Application to the face however was a nightmare, it took ages to blend out the lines and left my face looking terribly dry and my pores stood out.

My face looked awful, dry patches were very visable and you could see flakes of something around my nose area, I had just used a serum and moisturiser so why my face looked cakey and dry I really don't know.

I used it with no moisturiser, oil, serums and all sorts... whatever I did, I got the same effect regardless.

My pores looked huge and I don't even have huge pores!

My face isn't even dry, so where these patches came from I have no idea, I have never had this problem with a foundation before.

The colour match was good and yes it did hide red patches and gave eventually even coverage, but the dryness was awful and I would not recommend this at all.
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