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Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation 16 HR
Foundations felmanfelman December 14, 2016 1030
Photoshop effect!
(Updated: March 30, 2017)
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Strongest points
• Delivers full flawless coverage
• Blendable moisturizing texture
• Doesn't irritate or burdens skin
• Leaves the skin feeling moisturized, supple and soft
• Natural smooth finish
Weakest points
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So far love everything about it...

I was lucky to take a chance to trial the next creation of Vichy camouflage production(in a 25 nude shade). And although I normally do not like to use foundations on a regular basis, i like to test them and compare seeking for a perfect one.
This is a highly pigmented fluid with outstanding covering properties made to treat the skin with serious imperfections. And it proves to be a smash-hit. First of all the texture is magical. It's airy, fluffy, so very silky and soft; it glides on perfectly over the skin without any effort, spreading evenly and delivering maximum colour dispersion. I dare to guess this alone can give it a head start over other foundations. Under it the skin is moisturised, supple and comfortable all day long without a mask-like effect.
Even though I haven't got such skin problems as vitiligo or scarring, I had a chance to make sure it covers broken capillaries and some redness by the nose perfectly. However, I wouldn't advise using it if you prefer a very sheer look to your foundation, this is mainly intended for full coverage for those with problematic skin. Nonetheless, I liked this thick full coverage ,it gives a safety feeling. One more wonderful thing about it is that it really has skin care properties and after removing it from the face the skin remains rested and supple without fatigue or skin irritation signs, fine lines or something of the kind. To make it short, definitely recommend.
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