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A Creamy Serum
(Updated: April 21, 2014)
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I was lucky and was chosen for a trial by BzzAgent and so got this product free.

This product is a creme serum so not an oily serum like some are. The idea is you use this either on wet hair pre styling or after you have dried and styled you hair you can apply a little to your dry hair.

The first time I used this I used the Dream Curls shampoo and conditioner as well and after using this on my wet hair I found my hair looked really heavy and lank so I thought I would try another method.

I used the same Dream curls shampoo and conditioner then dried my hair and applied a little of this creme serum onto my hands then kind of ran my hands through my dried hair. I still felt my hair looked too lank so another attempt was called for.

method three. I used the Dream curls shampoo and NO conditioner. i dried my hair and then used this serum the same way on my dry hair. This gave a much better result. It gave definition the my wabes without making my hair feel sticky and heavy.

I then tried a different shampoo as I still felt Dream urls wasn't really doing it for my hair and I used no conditioner and then this on my dry hair. This gave the best results yet.

I was happy with that but thought I would try the same different shampoo but apply a little of this serum to wet hair pre drying and styling. This also did a good job but without the definition to my waves so I prefer using this on dry hair as it kind of conditions it and makes it smell nice and feel healthy and still with a bit of natural movement as I hate my hair looking as though it is stuck to my head or even stuck on like a solid wig.

I am not the biggest fan of the Dream curls shampoo and conditioner but I do quite like this as it has more options for using it and gives slightly different options for styling my course way hair.

I like the container as it looks quite classy and the push pump is easy to lock for transporting it when traveling. Just the right amount comes out for me with one push of the pump.

I like the smell as it is kind of fresh and floral/fruity and it makes my hair smell nice too.

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Strongest points
Smells nice and is not too heavy on my hair
Weakest points
Full of less than natural ingredients - the ingredients sound more like a chemical experiment
A creamy serum for smoothing curling hair
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