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Shampoos rayaraya July 30, 2011 1284
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I've tried a lot of shine shampoos in the past and one thing the majority of them have in common is they give your hair that stripped squeaky 'too clean' feeling. While this had that a bit it was much better than the majority of shine shampoos I've used in the past and it didn't bother me too much.

The lather isn't amazing, but it's definitely enough to get the job done and leaves hair feeling clean and it's easy to rinse out.

When my hair was dry I did notice an increase in shine(which was the main reason I purchased it) probably no difference in terms of frizz and flyaways and definitely no added volume.

It's probably the best shine shampoo I've ever used and the fact that it didn't give me as much of my oh-so-hated squeaky clean feeling was a huge plus for me. However when I take in to consideration the price, I'm honestly not sure if this product is worth it when there are other products out there that can also give shine. I doubt I'll repurchase it, though out of the four Lush shampoos I've tried this has definitely been my favourite.

As for recommending the product I'm slightly torn on this one, if you want the extra shine, hate that squeaky clean feeling (seriously one of my major pet peeves, jsut the thought of it makes me shudder) and don't mind paying a little more then I say go for it. Otherwise, you're probably better off going for a cheaper alternative.

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A little on the expensive side for what it does
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