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This is a product that I would a) struggle to review given how short my hair is and b) take me about a year to use up so I asked my friend G. to review it as she has very long hair and she knows what's she's talking about when it comes to hair care.

"It is a little difficult for me to review a shampoo alone - I have fairly long hair and always need to use conditioner in order to detangle and smooth, so it’s hard to know what effect just the shampoo has had. Upon first use of the 5 in 1 camomile shampoo, the product didn’t seem to lather, and made my hair extremely tangled. So much so that I had to use a different shampoo as I knew I’d have trouble brushing and probably rip a lot of it out! On second use onwards, the effect was of an average shampoo – fairly pleasant fragrance, and cleansed effectively, but still needed conditioner to produce a good finish.

The product look itself isn’t overly appealing. To market this product effectively and compete with leading brands, Clairol needs a complete refresh with packaging and branding. The shampoo could be a good product teamed with a conditioner (which actually would have made it easier, and probably fairer, to review) however when compared with leading brands, Clairol 5 in 1 looks of lower quality.

I also find that ‘x in 1’ products are usually targeted at a male consumer group rather than female – I wouldn’t purchase a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner for example, because it does not have the same effect as using the two products separately. Could have an adverse affect on sales if other consumers are like myself."

So pretty much nothing good to say about this product. It is cheap but given that it doesn't work then no recommendation from G. or me.
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