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- Categories: Bath & Body, Body Oil, Hair, Skin.
- Available in 2 sizes: 100ml (£13.99), 50ml (£11.99).
- Presented in a beautifully crafted frosted glass bottle, Nouris Frangipani Monoi Oil is a stylish addition to your daily skin and hair regime.
Monoi Oil is considered the “sacred oil of the Polynesians.” Sourced from the South Pacific Islands of French Polynesia, Nouris Monoi Oil is produced by soaking fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers, picked at bud stage, in refined coconut oil, Monoi Oil is a light and fragrant oil with immense soothing and moisturising properties.
Sourced from French Polynesia, the fresh Tiare Thaiti flower buds are picked and soaked in coconut oil over a 12 day period. The oil is then filtered, purified, enriched with a natural anti-oxidant (Tocopherol) and scented with the Frangipani (tipanié) flower which gives the oil its soft and warm fragrance. The oil is then packed in an inert atmosphere to ensure Nouris Frangipani Monoi is the freshest oil available.
Unrivaled anywhere in the world, the climate in which the Tiare Tahiti flowers grow, and the quality of the soil, contribute to produce a unique high quality oil packed with nutrients.
Your Frangipani Monoi Oil has the Appellation D’Origine – a guarantee that your Monoi Oil is of Polynesian origin, and has been manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards.


- Usage: Monoi oil is great for your skin and hair. Packed with essential fatty acids and natural anti-oxidants, you will really see a difference to the quality of your hair with regular use of high quality Monoi Oil.
As a semi-solid at room temperature, the oil will need to be warmed prior to use. Place in warm water, or the simple application of body temperature (hands around the bottle, or place the bottle between your thighs) will be enough for the oil to melt.
Here are a few suggestions as to how you might use Nouris Frangipani Monoi in your daily regime:
1. Bath: Why not add a few drops of Nouris Frangipani Monoi a warm bath which makes for a relaxing night-time ritual. It could even be used as an oil for a deep tissue massage.
We recommend that Nouris Frangipani Monoi Oil should be applied after a bath or shower to lock in moisture – apply to those areas that tend to get dry like your heels and elbows.
2. After shower moisturising treatment: Towel dry your hair after showering, and apply a small amount of oil (2-3 drops) into the palm of your hand. Rub the Monoi Oil into your hands and streak it through the middle of your hair down to the ends. Avoid the scalp and hair by your face so it doesn't get greasy. After a few minutes, brush through and blow dry as usual. After a few weeks of regular use, your hair should be silky smooth and frizz-free.
3. Overnight Monoi Hair Treatment: After washing your hair, lightly towel dry and apply a few drops of Nouris Monoi Oil to your hair, again avoiding your scalp and so as not to make your hair too greasy. Brush through and leave on overnight for a nutrient rich night treatment.
4. Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Treatment: Don’t want to deal with leaving it on overnight, no problem.
If you have naturally greasy hair, why not try Nouris Monoi Oil as a pre-shampoo hair treatment. Simply rub a few drops into your hair, leave in for 15-20 minutes then shower, using your regular shampoo and conditioner.
5. Treatment for Dry, Frizzy Ends: If you have dry, frizzy hair why not try streaking a few drops of Nouris Monoi Oil through the ends of your hair before styling. Not only will this make your hair smell wonderful, but it will also keep the frizz under control.
- How Much to Use? As far as using Monoi on your hair, a little goes a long way. Start off with a few drops of oil rubbed into your palms, and then gently apply to your hair from root to tip.
- Warning: If this is your first time using Nouris Monoi Oil, we strongly recommend that you apply a small amount of oil to your skin prior to use. Please consult your doctor before use if you have any allergies.


Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) 96.8%, Tiare Flowers (Gardenia Tahitensis) 2.0%, Parfum (Frangipani Flower) 1.0%, Tocopherol 0.2%.

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The Monoi Oil, which is generally solid at room temperature, has a silver screw cap lid. This particular product requires warming to become liquid before use. As the Monoi Oil required some warming I just open the bottle and inhaled to see if this product had the intoxicating qualities that I hoped. I have discovered that not all Monoi products on the market have the delightful scent that I adore, even if they carry the organic mark and come from a reliable source. I believe it may be due to the addition of the Frangipani blossom fragrance, which is present in some products containing Monoi Oil, but not all. I was delighted to discover that this product had the fragrance that I adore, and had similar texture to the product from another, British brand, with which I am familiar.

This product needs a little warming in a bowl of warm water before it changes from solid to liquid form. It doesn’t take very long, and hot water from the tap is hot enough to transform this product into a silky liquid which is perfect for pouring into the palm.

At first I was surprised that this product didn’t come with a pump, as it will only be dispensed in its liquid form. I came to the conclusion that this was due to the fact that the product didn’t remain liquid. However after a couple of uses I came to the conclusion that I would prefer a pump on this bottle and searched around at home for one which would fit the bottle. After attaching a pump I found that this was a a useful addition to the product and I was less nervous about spillage from the large opening or over dispensing the product and finding it difficult for my skin to absorb.

The first evening I applied this product liberally all over my body and a little on my hair, and applied as face oil, patting it on after applying my serum and under my night cream. I found no difficulty in absorption qualities and I was able to layer the products over each other without difficulty. I found the intoxicating scent of frangipani very relaxing and seductive and I couldn’t help feeling like a character from 1001 Nights as I applied it. My husband commented on how much he liked the aroma of the oil compared to perfume, and I feel application of this oil could become a regular feature in my daily skincare routine.

The following morning I checked my skin which seemed well nourished, particularly around my ankles and instep, which tends to be dry. I felt a little sad that I found it didn’t absorb well into my hair which looked a little greasy where I had applied it, even though I hadn’t applied very much. However I was going to wash it that morning and I added a little more to try it as an intensive treatment to prep my hair before washing.

Having read the warning on the bottle about allergy sufferers, I had only applied a small amount of oil over aqueous cream on the patches of skin where I tend to suffer from eczema, as I was a little fearful that it might upset my skin, but there wasn’t any redness or itchiness. Feeling a little more confident having seen the morning results and wondering how daringly I might use this oil, I applied the oil directly to eczema-prone areas, in the hope that the oil might aid hydration, and possibly assist in calming my itchy skin. This was readily absorbed my thirsty skin after my shower and didn’t seem to upset it at all.

After drying my hair that morning, I couldn’t help noticing that my naturally curly hair seemed more bouncy and fuller in texture. It seemed less prone to frizz after the use of a hair dryer and I was quite impressed by the overall effect. I will check to see if the same is noticeable next time I wash it to be sure, but it seemed that application of the oil did make a difference to dry, parched hair.

I am quite greedy with oils and serums on my skin, as I find my dry skin requires quite a lot of maintenance. On the third evening I am just under half way through this bottle, but I am loving every moment of its use. My skin this evening is soft and elastic, and I haven’t felt the need to apply further moisturisation to my eczema prone areas at all today. The areas where I suffer most do not appear dry or flaky and there is not a hint of itchiness. I am feeling more and more convinced that this product could release me from my constant use of scent-free creams which make me feel eternally punished and unable to enjoy a life of pampering.
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