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Hair Care paigeladypaigelady April 14, 2013 1152
Ultra Violet
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When I first looked at Retread I thought I was just looking at a pot of yoghurt. I wasn't too keen on the smell either as it was quite a strong smell of violets. However I changed my mind on the smell when I realised it made my hair smell like Parma Violets which I loved as a child.

I love that it comes in a pot instead of a bottle as it means I can take a large scoop out to condition my hair (which I tend to do as my hair is very dry after years of chemically relaxing it). I found it extremely easy to apply, I leave it on for at least 5 minutes 20 if I really want a good condioning session. Then I rinse it out, after patting my hair so it's damp I re-apply a small amount of conditioner and then I either blow dry my hair or let it dry naturally depending on whether I'm in a rush or not (I find this helps keep my hair that little bit softer throughout the day).

Throughout the day my hair smelt wonderful but I found that my hair wasn't quite as soft and shiny as I would have liked it to be.

I tend to get through conditioners considerably quickly so I don't think this will last particularly long and as a result I think it's quite over priced for the amount you get.

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Smells like parma violets, can use by the scoopful.
Weakest points
Leave's hair smelling beautiful. Would have liked hair to feel slightly softer
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