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Hair Care SamBrezSamBrez January 20, 2012 1032
Looks and smells nice, didn't do anything for my hair
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I bought the mini of this conditioner to try (along with the matching shampoo) and I'm glad I did, because I'd be very wary about putting this near my hair again.

After the S&G shampoo left my hair feeling quite dry I was quite happy at the idea of an intensive conditioner but I was slightly cautious after reading the instructions to put this on the roots and then spread it down. I usually keep my conditioners mostly mid-lengths to ends, but decided to go along with what it told me to.

When rinsing it out my hair felt thicker and like the conditioner was clinging to it, and it did take longer than I'd expect to rinse it out. Then when I was drying it my hair felt more tangled than usual and just generally unpleasant to run my fingers through. They say it's for Full, frizzy or fried hair. And I definitely fulfil the frizzy and fried part of that requirement but if anything it left my hair looking frizzier than normal and it didn't look any healthier.

After using both the shampoo and conditioner and then styling my hair as normal I actually had a lot less natural shine than I normally do pre-product and it just didn't look right.

They also claim to have a no buildup formula, and while I've not tested this because I only used it the once, it did seem like the type of conditioner that would build up on your hair going by how mine was after one use.

Definitely not a conditioner I'll be using again and doubtful I'll ever try anything else Soap & Glory bring out for hair.

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