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Hair Care catsholidaycatsholiday February 21, 2013 1422
Average product with a smell that lingers
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Not living near a Lush store I order my products online, which means not having the benefit of smelling them beforehand. I have to admit I was somewhat against this product even before I used it just because of the smell. I don't have a clue what it smells like (I'm dreadful with smells) though going by the other review I'm assuming it's the Jasmine that I can smell. This is definitely going to be a personal preference thing but I literally can not stand the smell of this product at all. I think I associate it with something, but I can't quite work out what it is. It's reminding me of my old job in a nursery but I honestly can't work out why, which is bugging me to no end.

But on to the actual product. This is a pre-wash hair treatment that you leave on for 20 minutes before shampooing. I decided to try it out because it's about half the price of the current pre-shampoo treatment I use. After leaving it on for the 20 minutes I shampooed and conditioned and the smell was still strong in my hair. Now the lingering smell could be because of my dislike of it that I noticed even the subtle smell, but to me it felt strong and left me feeling very self concious. I've never in my life been self concious about the smell of my hair.

I wash my hair every two days and even after the second wash a couple of days later I could still smell this which I couldn't believe. Maybe it was partially in my mind, I don't know.

Disregarding the smell (which I'm sure probably won't bother most people, it just happened to particularly get to me) as a hair treatment it was average. My hair was slightly softer and easier to manage with less flyaways, but only slightly. No way near the benefits I get from my other (admittedly pricier) hair treatment.

I used maybe 1/5 or 1/4 of a 220g tub on my long hair though will most definitely not be using the rest of it again.

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Smell (personal preference but I hated it)
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