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As usual with Lush products it comes in the recyclable (take 5 empty clean pots back and you get a free fresh face pack) black pot in the larger size of 220g and is the rather whopping price of £11.50. The pots have good screw top lids so they are air tight and liquid tight so things don't dry out nor do they leak in travel.

The name and ingredients are on labels on the pot as well as the use by date and a picture of the person who made the product.

"For when you don't want to look like a poodle". And also "A pre-wash treatment to get control of fluffy, untamed hair.

We have packed this full of ingredients to bring your hair under control and make it easier to comb, but we also haven't forgotten shine and condition."

This is a pre wash hair treatment. The idea is that you get a dollop and spread it through your hair. I use my special hair and scalp massage brush to ensure it is evenly and thoroughly spread through. I usually put a disposable shower cap on and either lieback in the bath or find myself a good book and sit back and relax. I often also pop on a face mask too so that I feel well and truly pampered.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes you can either rinse this off in the bath while you are in there or fill a bath or even have a shower to rinse it off shower. Then shampoo and condition as usual. You then continue to dry and style your hair as you normally do.

I confess I have also used this as a conditioner after shampooing and found that gives a pretty good result too.

Because curly and dry hair needs moisturizing Lush have included a number of ingredients known to 'feed' hair and improve the strength of your hair. The main ingredients to do this are various oils including olive, wheatgerm, almond, brazil nut, coconut, hemp, soya and castor as well as jojoba oil which also helps to improve the condition of your scalp. The henna infusion is added to gives shine to dull hair. I was a little concerned about henna as I know some people can be allergic to it and also it tends to be for those with dark or red hair and mine is blondish.

I just love the smell of this the jasmine is so strong and heady and that is the predominant smell. If you like 'Flying Fox', one of Lush's shower gels then you will love the smell of this too.

I have used this both as a normal conditioner after shampoo and also as a hair mask as recommended by Lush. Both methods work very well but my conditioner method is better for those with less time to spend on pampering.

The other advantage to my method is that the wonderful smell stays longer on your hair and people then comment on how nice my hair smells.

It washes out really easily and leaves my hair feeling quite soft. I also find that after drying my hair feels softer and easier to straighten. It sits nicely, feels healthy and smells lovely too.

Despite having sensitive skin I have had no nasty reaction from using this product and if it was cheaper I would buy it regularly. I think I will try and see if I can get another sample in a few weeks time.

Sadly despite my love of Lush I am quite concerned with the inclusion of some questionably safe ingredients. Once again Lush has included the 'safe' ingredients Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Laurel Betaine, methylparaben and propylparaben. These are marketed as safe and used in many toiletries that lather but more and more ethical and products created for people with sensitive or eczematic skin are avoiding these as they are chemicals. They are used in factories for cleaning grease and are really harsh on skin and the environment. I think that if companies like 'L'Oreal can create a product with SLS or parabens then Lush need to try a bit harder.

Well being a freshly made Lush product it is not cheap. The 220g tub is a whopping £11.50 but if you get four treatments from the tub it becomes more reasonable and I got three from my sample of 100g so you could possibly get up to seven if you have short hair like me.

I do like this product and especially love the scent but despite the fact it works really well and can be used both as a conditioner and a hair mask treatment I am disappointed that it has got some not very friendly ingredients. I will use this again but I really hope Lush do make an effort to find alternatives to these which are more skin and environmentally friendly. I think that this is expensive and a product that I would buy only once in a while for a treat. I love both the scent and the way it makes my hair feel and smell but wish it was a bit cheaper and also had no parabens etc in it.

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