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Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox
Hair Care 4lex4ndr44lex4ndr4 January 07, 2019 672
good product but its application is too painstaking
(Updated: January 07, 2019)
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Strongest points
+ nice scent
+ cleanses well
+ adds volume to the hair roots
+ cooling sensation
+ strong lingering scent
+ cute design
Weakest points
- difficult to apply and even more difficult to rinse off
Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox will probably best suit people who suffer from dry or itchy scalp, but it also has worked up for me. I am not a fan of hair scrubs (I always fear that intense scrubbing may eventually lead to over dried scalp and dandruff), but using such treatment once a month can be actually a good thing. The scrub is of milky colour, not runny in its texture, and heavily peppered with grains of castor oil which reminds me of granulated salt - although these grains do not dissolve upon contact with water. The most difficult part about the scrub is its application - it is supposed to be massaged into the scalp, but it is not distributed easily and if you have at least middle length hair (like mine) the scrub has to be applied to different parts of the head to ensure even coverage. After the part with massaging and distribution is done in fits and starts, the substance produces very slight cooling sensation. Washing the scrub off is even worse ordeal - the grains get tangled in the hair which feels light taught wires to the touch, and it takes a lot of effort and even more of water to get the scrub out. The result, however, offsets the pains with application - the hair indeed looks and remains cleaner for 1 to 2 extra days, it also gets additional volume in the roots and look more fluffy, it also smells of flowers with a bit of chemical bitterness but I like the scent in general.
In a nutshell, I can recommend this treatment as an occasional solution, however, the difficulties of application have to be also born in mind while purchasing it.
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