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only as an emergency beauty item
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Strongest points
+ quick result
+ easy to apply
+ leftover is easy to clean
Weakest points
- greasy hair
- easy transfer
- damages the hair if used too often
I've bough L'Oréal Magic Retouch Instant Root Touch Up in Dark Brown for covering few strands of gray roots that appeared after I seized dying my hair blond and turned to natural dark brown colours. This product is good if there is no time to properly dye the hair yet you have to attend any official event or celebration. It is rather easy to apply, however it takes some time to get hold of the procedure - first few times I had to clean the skin near the intended spot of application following the spraying of the item. The product will not do in cold season - it easily transfers onto the cap or hat and generally is not a long lasting thing.
The hair once it has been sprayed with the product looks and feels a bit greasy although finely dyed.
After trying this temporary dye I believe it is better to either dye the hair or use some kind of temporary toning item (lasting for several washes of the head) than to smear everything with this L'Oréal product...
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L'Oréal Magic Retouch Instant Root Touch Up
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