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(Updated: February 28, 2015)
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I tried my first of the VS packs from a trial I was participating in with Supersavvyme; 4.0 colour. I was interested to see that the kits were quite different from others. Here my comments as follows:

- the gloves were better quality and fit
- the bowl and brush were a bit of a gimmick and a bottle would have been adequate

- the two bottles were difficult to mix together and took rigorous stirring. The mix was sloppy and tricky to apply with the brush

Step 2
- the mix was less loose when adding the serum and was easier for to apply with your hands through the lengths of your hair
- the conditioner smelt lovely on application and really softened the hair

The overall colour, shine and condition is fantastic. However, I did not like using the brush. I was much happier when using my hands, but appreciate the brush allows users to target the roots. Trying to apply the dye to the back of my head was impossible.

All in all great results, but a more in depth process.

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Strongest points
Vibrant colour
Weakest points
Difficult to apply to back of head with brush
Strong colour leaving hair soft and manageable.
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