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E:30/06/16, Win 1 x Nourish Argan Beauty Collection, RRP £25.00

Time for a reward! This month, we are offering our reviewers a chance to win a deluxe Nourish Argan Collection of three products containing a stellar array of ultra-moisturising and radiance boosting bioactives, to enhance your natural beauty.

All reviews posted in June 2016 will be considered for this prize and the winner will be selected taking into account not only the number of posts but also the usefulness and quality of the reviewer's findings. Read carefully the Terms & Conditions.

What is inside the box?

Argan Beauty Collection is a luxurious collection of shimmering gold, rejuvenating frankincense and revitalising myrrh, with omega-rich organic Moroccan argan oil and a stellar array of ultra-moisturising and radiance boosting bioactives.

  • Nourish Argan Skin Renew, 15ml: An advanced cream to boost skin hydration levels and cellular density for naturally smoother, firmer skin. With the Rose of Jericho and frankincense, it provides the ultimate in protective skin care. The Rose of Jericho plant is responsive and adaptive in nature. Rejuvenating, toning and firming, frankincense has been revered for over 2000 years.
  • Nourish Argan Skin Rescue, 5ml: This silky formula deeply nourishes the skin, restoring flexibility and brightening your complexion, leaving it looking rejuvenated and smooth. Its active ingredients combat the formation of wrinkles by strengthening the protein bonding structures. In combination with the anti-irritation complex, it neutralises harmful free radicals and reduces the blotchiness and scarring associated with injury, acne, eczema and psoriasis. It inhibits dehydration and simultaneously brings the skin back to equilibrium.
  • Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer, 15ml: An illuminating moisturiser with light responsive bioactives for even-toned skin with a beautiful golden glow and a healthy sunkissed radiance. It is 86% organic and the perfect skin highlighter for all skin care regimes. Using golden mineral powders to lift and define your complexion and leave your skin with a sun kissed glow. This formula includes radiance enhancing tonka bean extract to emit visible light leaving the skin looking even toned and lustrous with a vibrant and natural glow.


E:29/02/16, The Body Shop | Win 1 of 30 Hemp Moisture High Balms | 45ml, RRP £5.00 each

It is chilly out there this month! To help you restore your skin’s moisture barrier, we are offering our followers the chance to win 1 of 30 The Body Shop Hemp Moisture High Balm 45 ml worth RRP £5.00 each.

The Body Shop Community Fair Trade Hemp

If your skin is suffering from the winter blues, try the hemp balm to bring it back to life during the cold months. The hemp seed oil is produced by a co-operative of small-scale family farmers in England. This dermatologically tested, multipurpose balm provides intensive hydration for areas of very dry and overexposed skin and it is perfect for knees and elbows. 

How to apply?

To enter, either follow us on Twitter @beautyontrial and retweet or like us on Facebook @beautyontrial and share. Read carefully the terms and conditions before applying for this prize draw. Thank you for entering and good luck!


E:13/12/15, DermaNutri™ | 20% Off Everything

In the run-up to Christmas, we have teamed up with DermaNutri, skin wellness specialists and distributor of innovative skincare and nutraceuticals, to offer every member of our community an exclusive 20% off every full-priced products and facials listed in their online catalogue.

A natural approach to health & beauty

DermaNutri focus on skincare and wellness and pride themselves on a holistic approach towards health and beauty. They work very closely with selected experts in the field of skin health, anti-ageing and nutrition to offer the most effective and natural products, and their expert advice on managing your skin concerns or conditions both from the inside and out. 

Winter proof your skin with a DermaNutri 20% discount on all their products online from dermatologist loved skincare brand INNARAH® to professional-grade collagen drink Aneva™ Derma and Nature & Life skin immunity supplement. Their offer is also valid on bespoke facials and skin nutrition consultations.

Terms & Conditions

  • End Date: 13 December 2015
  • Discount: 20% off all products, facials and consultations bought online and instore.
  • RestrictionsThe code can be used only once per person aged 18 or over. It is exclusive to our registered members and is valid on worldwide orders.
  • Code: Enter code DERMANUTRI20 in the relevant Voucher Code field of Your Shopping Basket page before checkout.

Follow the Skin Wellness Experts


Receive regular updates and stay informed about special offers and giveaways when you follow DermaNutri on social media. Visit their website to discover more about their cutting-edge nutri-cosmetics and advanced body care treatments or book a consultation with their skin specialist, Mel Turkerman.

To find out more about a product, or even just to say hello, feel free to drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also call Mel on 0800 689 0058 to discuss your skin care needs.


E:31/08/15, DermaNutri™ | Win 1 x Rejuvenating Holistic Day Package | Worth £320.00

DermaNutri™, skin wellness specialists and distributor of innovative skincare and nutraceuticals, invite you to a rejuvenating holistic day with a nutrition consultation by their skin health expertfollowed by the ultimate in luxury facials with an INNARAH® treatment, in the prestigious Mayfair Clinic & Spa. You will also receive a £50.00 voucher to spend in their boutique during your visit or online. 

DermaNutri™ Luxurious Pampering Day

Lasting approximatively four hours and worth over £320.00, your indulging experience includes:

  • Step 1: A Nutrition Consultation worth £110.00 and lasting up to 2 hours. A freshly made organic detox smoothie will be served on arrival.
  • Step 2: An INNARAH® Facial Treatment worth £120.00 and lasting one hour. It will be followed by a crystal infused refreshment.
  • Step 3: A £50.00 voucher to be spent on any order over £150.00 on the day and on selected products.

INNARAH® VenoDefense Facial Description

During this session, your skin will be treated with the skin energizing and youth restoring VenoDefense™ treatment. It is formulated with the unique bio-fermentation technology used with the natural INNARAH® skincare range for enhanced delivery of ingredients deeper into your skin.

The VenoDefense™ Treatment Facial is filled with a beautifying cocktail of nourishing botanical oils, rich in magnetic minerals, marine derived nutrients and potent plant stem cells. It is enriched with precious Gemstones and White Gold Ormus to jump-start your skin's immune cells. Designed to deeply decongest, brighten, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, this ultra luxurious and deeply nourishing treatment will reveal your natural beauty, with glowing skin luminosity from within.

DermaNutri Mayfair Clinic & Spa

Located in the internationally acclaimed multi-award winning Alkhemy Hair and Beauty Salon, DermaNutri™, together with their spa partners Ink Aesthetics, offer you a unique opportunity not only to address your ageing skin concerns but also the cause of specific skin conditions. 

  • Competition End Date: 31 August 2015
  • Offer Expiry Date: 31 December 2015
  • Booking: Limited to one person and required by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contact formValid Monday – Saturday between 10:00 - 6:00. A 24-hour cancellation policy apply.
  • Restrictions: The winner must be a new customer aged 18 or over.
  • Location: Ink Aesthetics Spa, Alkhemy Salon, 3 White Horse Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7LF

Follow the Skin Wellness Experts


Receive regular updates and stay informed about special offers and giveaways when you follow DermaNutri™ on social media. Visit their website to discover more about their cutting-edge nutri-cosmetics and advanced body care treatments or book a consultation with their skin specialist, Mel Turkerman.

To find out more about an product, or even just to say hello, feel free to drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also call Mel on 0800 689 0058 to discuss your skin care needs.

How to apply?

Read carefully the terms and conditions before applying for this Rafflecopter giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Better Than Ever No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Skincare

Its been my pleasure to work with Boots No7 brand over the past two years. The brand is an excellent example of proven results and affordability coming together to offer a range of products for women of all ages.  My personal favourite of the skin care range is Lift & Luminate day cream, and I prefer the Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced serum over the L&L serum. The formulation of the PPI Advanced serum makes such a difference to my skin by smoothing and firming it in a way moisturiser alone just doesn't do. So it was exciting news from No7 to find out the same proven anti-wrinkle technology in PPI Advanced serum is going to be in the Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced day, night and eye creams!

A broad spectrum anti-oxidant complex combined with increased levels of hyaluronic acid will help protect against future signs of ageing while improving the appearance of your skin today. Think of it as an insurance policy for beautiful, healthy looking skin.

The new Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced range is available on No7 counters from June 10th.

Day and night creams are £24.95, eye cream £17.00. And if you aren't already a fan of the Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced serum, do your skin a favour and give it a try. 


E:28/02/15, INNARAH | Win 1 of 50 x Defense Oil Oxygenated Moisture Oil | 5ml, £33.00 each

This month we have teamed up with top natural skin care provider, INNARAHTM, to introduce the first ever collection of products formulated to work in cooperation with your skin’s biology. 

Their catalogue includes 10 products and each is purposely developed to address specific skin issues due to natural aging and environmental factors, offering benefits to nourish, purify and re-energise skin. Check here which one is the best for you.

50 of our members will be offered the chance to test and review a 5ml trial sample of INNARAHTM Defense Oil Oxygenated Moisture Oil worth RRP £33.00 each. Apply before 28 February 2015. 

Skin Care Revolutionised to Reveal your Skin's Natural Beauty

INNARAHTM products are not engineered or synthetically made. They are innovative, highly effective, all natural products, free of synthetic ingredients utilising an exclusive, sophisticated and proprietary Fermentation process.

In traditional skin care formulations, ingredients are typically blended together and heated. INNARAHTM products use natural ingredients fermented over time, while subtle changes are made in the pressure and the quantity of oxygen within each container to eliminate the risk of oxidation and to ensure maximum efficacy. 

This technology enables the blends of unique botanical oils and minerals to maintain their potency, like raw food. Furthermore, fermented ingredients are accepted by the defence matrix of the epidermis and readily assimilated, thereby preventing any cellular imbalance and reducing skin damage. INNARAHTM processed products are easily absorbed, repair and rejuvenate skin while stimulating its own reparative abilities and optimizing its vital defence. They replenish moisture, smooth skin and reveal a healthier, more radiant appearance that characterizes a young and healthy complexion.

Introducing INNARAHTM Defense OilTM  Oxygenated Moisture Oil

Stress, fatigue and a fast paced lifestyle are some of the major reasons that cause skin cell breakdown resulting in premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging skin.

Defense Oil shields your skin from the damaging effects of environmental aggressors and UV rays, promotes healthy tissue growth while it helps the skin to repair and protect itself.

This fermented oil contains a unique complex of White Gold Ormus and Chamae Rose to jump start your DNA. Its deeply nourishing, oxygenated formula with cell growth promotes elements for skin regeneration. The proprietary blend of Bio-Fermentation oils and Phytoplasma minerals provide powerful, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Check here which other active ingredients are used. Read MoreReview | Photos | Buy

How to Keep Up-to-date with INNARAHTM?

Receive regular updates and stay informed about INNARAHTM special offers, new products, and exclusive information by following them on social media or by subscribing to their newsletter.

Visit INNARAHTM online store to browse their store, check their recommendations for your skin, read their FAQs or expert tips. Feel free to contact their This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for feedback or information or even just to say hello.

If you cannot wait to try one of their products or if you wish to take advantage of their popular discovery packages, purchase online and save using their exclusive, free worldwide delivery offer for all online orders with no minimum spend. Read their shipping policy for more details.

How to apply for the trial?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Read carefully the terms and conditions link in the Rafflecopter module above before applying for this trial. As seen exclusively on Magic Freebies - Free Stuff and Free Stuff World.


Konichiwa Washi Hot Cloths

My skin is super sensitive so I've never been a fan of muslin cloths; too much like washing your face with a piece of sack cloth. Ordinary facecloths/flannels are good provided you plump for something with a high thread count. You need something to remove your cleanser with and this is where Washi Hot Cloths are my first choice.

Approximately 9" x 9", 100% cotton, incredibly soft, machine washable and quick drying, the Washi cloth fits perfectly across the hand. It works beautifully with any type of cleanser, mask or scrub. And they pack up small enough to slip into any travel case. 

Each cloth comes individually wrapped in a paper sleeve, printed with one of six designs that you choose. Super affordable too, a pack of five are only £6.25. The Washi line includes their skin polishing towels, the reusable alternative to scrubs. 

Find your favourite Washi here.


Are Eye Creams A Must?

I was doing some research for a blog post on Fifty Chic and came across an insightful article by Paula Begoun of Paula's Choice. Like so many of us, I've bought into the idea that not using an eye cream means I'll wake up one day looking like a basset hound. 

Are eye creams are specially formulated?

According to Paula, who is an authority and one of my go-to references, what you get when you buy an eye cream is something half the size (or smaller) of your facial moisturiser that usually costs twice as much without being signficantly different or more concentrated than any state of the art moisturiser or serum. Despite the marketing hype, it seems that almost without exception, eye creams are not specially formulated. The ingredient listing does not differ significatly from facial moisturisers. Another reason to read your labels. 

What about dark circles?

I hear you say "but what about dark circles?". I get asked about this one a lot. Sorry girls, there is no research or valid studies that prove any particular ingredient will eliminate or reduce dark circles. The fact is, genetics most often dictates this particular condition. The best you can hope for is to minimise the appearance of dark circles aka find yourself a great concealer and be faithful to it. Jackie O size sunnies wouldn't go amiss either and also help to shield your eyes from wrinkle inducing UVA and UVB. And speaking of which, eye creams rarely contain sunscreen, something that hadn't even crossed my mind until I read the Paula Begoun article. 

Yes, the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate, but not so much so that it warrants a specialty product. You want the same anti-oxidant ingredients going around your eyes as you do in your facial moisturiser. The only exception is if the skin around your eyes is especially dry (which mine is, despite the fact I'm religious about skin care), in which case you may benefit from a good eye cream. Alternatively, apply your usual serums, day and nght creams to the eye area just as you would to the rest of your face and neck. 

Paula's Choice - Do You Really Need A Separate Eye Cream?

This is a revelation that the brands aren't going to like, and not everyone is going to agree and be happy to toss their eye cream either. I've poached sections of the original article for use here, so please go to Paula's Choice to read the full article and decide for yourself. As for me, I think I'll be giving eye creams a closer look, and not with a view to purchase.


E:31/12/14, Anar Naturals | Win 1 of 10 Gift Boxes | RRP £29.95 each

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner and it is high time to get the fairy lights and the decorations box out of the dusty attic. With the preparations well underway for some truly memorable celebrations, come the traditional shopping frenzy and the difficulties to buy the perfect presents for your friends and relatives. 

Are you looking for an unusual idea for the atypical person in your life? Do you want to impress and spoil? Fear not. This year, we have teamed up with Anar* Naturals to offer the precious *gift of nature [in ancient Sanskritto your beloved ones and make your parties very special and everlasting in their hearts.

Every week until stocks last, we will give our members the chance to win an exclusive Anar Naturals Organic Gift Set worth RRP £29.95. Each of the 10 sets is beautifully wrapped in branded and scented tissue paper, elegantly presented in a white deluxe box, contains two full-sized organic skincare products and is ready to surprise and pamper.

The gift of high purity enriched by science

Anar Naturals brings the power of nature to all delicate skins with a selection of products containing only 100% organic and natural ingredients. Their skincare range is carefully formulated with the finest natural remedies and blend active ingredients from plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals to work in perfect harmony with the skin.

These high-quality products are developed using the ground breaking Potenisation® technology to energise the particle ingredients and enhance their natural benefits. This innovation improves their performance and ensures that only the smallest amount of product is needed to treat problem skin efficiently, enrich and restore your skin’s natural beauty. 

The entire collection is suitable for men and women alike, is manufactured in the UK, is 100% vegetarian, has not been tested on animals and is now available to all at very affordable prices. 

Anar Naturals Gift Set for all

Anar Naturals presents this wonderful gift solution for all your near and dear ones. Every small detail, including the beautifully simple, recyclable but ultra-stylish packaging, has been considered to ensure this organic duo touches everyone this Christmas. It is ideal for any age group and it will show that you care naturally!

This luxury kit combine a full-sized cleanser that works wonders in removing oil and external impurities from your skin with a full-sized moisturiser to rejuvenate your skin, replenishing its lost moisture during the harsh winter days, giving it a gorgeous, nourished look. 

Anar Naturals Facial Cleanser Cream, 50ml, RRP £14.95

Anar Naturals Facial Cleanser Cream with Acne Wash gently lifts away dirt, excess oil and make-up while protecting skin's natural moisture barrier to leave it feeling soft. Its formulation uses the perfect blend of organic ingredients to keep all skin types thoroughly cleansed and nourished but never dried or irritated.

It is infused with Wheat Germ Oil to provide a nutrient-rich, age-defying boost safely removing all impurities that clog your skin pores; Calendula Extract to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing and Rose Petal Extract to nurture your skin with good moisture helping to retain a soft complexion and subtle scent.

Breathe new life into your skin all day long with a gentle cream suitable for all and full of goodness. Treat and revive it with this refreshing pH-balanced light cleanser, leaving it feeling extraordinarily clear and refreshed. Review | Photos | Buy

Anar Naturals Organic Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream, 50ml, RRP £14.95

Beautifully enriched with Aloe Vera, one of nature’s marvellous creations for skin care, and filled with luscious Cocoa Butter, Anar Naturals Organic Moisturising Cream is formulated to strengthen the skin enveloping it in a protective nurturing film that allows it to repair and restore itself and replenish the lost moisture reinvigorating its natural softness.

This award-winning Aloe Vera lotion deeply hydrates and calms the skin, soothes redness and signs of irritation. Using active aloe 10® (10x concentrate) from Aloecorp for its guaranteed bioactivity and high standardised quality. It is as close to the real Aloe Vera gel you can possibly get! Imagine slicing open an Aloe leaf and consuming the gel directly from the plant.

This acclaimed lotion is suitable for people prone to eczema, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks and dry itchy skin conditions. It is an effective eczema cream which protects your skin from external irritants, encourages its natural healing and is formulated to nourish and deliver essential fatty acids. With one in nine people suffering from skin issues, this product is a must-have addition to your skincare essentials. Review | Photos | Buy

How to stay in touch?

Receive regular updates and stay informed about Anar Naturals special offers, and giveaways, when you follow them on social media. 

To find out more about their range, their mission or even just to say hello, feel free to contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you cannot wait to try one of their products, visit their online shop or Amazon UK page to take advantage of their current sale of up to 50% off for a limited time only. 

How to apply?

As seen on I Love GiveawaysOffer Oasis and Free BeautyFollow the instructions below to apply and increase your chance of winning in 2 easy steps:

  • Use the Rafflecopter module to earn points.
  • Use the Facebook comment plugin to share, tag your friends and confirm that account is up-to-date. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


E:14/12/14, The Rose Tree | Win 1 of 2 Best Sellers Collections - Try-Me! Size | RRP £21.00 each

In the run-up to Christmas, we have teamed up with British producer of luxury organic skin care, body care and candles, The Rose Tree, to introduce their newly launched Christmas Collection 2014.

Discover their sumptuous selection of gift sets and apply before the 14th of December for a chance to win two lavish Best Sellers Collections – Try-Me! Size worth RRP £21.00 each, in time for the celebrations.

Whatever you are looking for this festive season, be inspired, take a pick and treat someone very special with a taste of luxury and pure indulgence!

Christmas Gift Sets

If you are looking for the convenience of a ready-made boxed present then look no further! The team at The Rose Tree Christmas has just unleashed an exhaustive collection of beautifully wrapped luxurious gift sets. 

With a wide-ranging selection of the finest care products and exquisite candles priced between £6.95 and £89.00, you will find that precious surprise for every budget and taste. 

The Rose Tree care products are performant; are handmade from natural and organic ingredients, and are chocked full of skin nurturing vitamins and antioxidants. Their luxury candles are made from a 100% pure vegetable wax blend and are scented with pure essential oils.

Best Sellers Collection of Try-Me! Size

The Best-Seller Collection, all in a Try-Me! Size is the perfect opportunity to taste and try their The Rose Tree's most popular products. 

The box contains not the usual tiddly tip of your finger sized samples but four beautiful presented and perfectly formed products with a sufficient supply for several days or weeks. That gives you ample time to try these skincare favourites over a reasonable period and really get a feel for what suits your skin, use the amazing organic ingredients and see the great results!

All goodies come packaged in a recyclable signature grey glass, the butters and creams in a jar and the serums in one dropper bottle.

1 x Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula - 5ml, £6.50

This award winning Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula in a generous dropper bottle is packed with anti-ageing plant botanicals which will last you a good few weeks. Rose fruit oil is combined with the oil of the marula nut, avocado, camellia, raspberry seed, hazel nut and sea buckthorn extract to deliver intensely hydrated and silky soft radiant skin. The Try-Me! Size contains sufficient for 1-2 week's use. Made with 92% organic ingredients. Review | Photos | Buy

1 x Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter - 6g, £6.50

This super charged Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter pot is formulated for beautifully cleansed, hydrated radiant skin with organic carrot oil, mango butter and a host of skin loving natural butters. The Try-Me! Size contains sufficient for 1-2 week's use. Made with 75% organic ingredients. Review | Add Photos | Buy

1 x Radiance Cream with Rose & Frankincense - 6g, £6.50

This rich and silky Radiance Facial Cream pot is formulated with precious rose otto flower oil and frankincense renowned for their rejuvenating and hydrating qualities. It is packed full of nourishing ingredients; vitamin rich linseed oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, aloe and vitamin E to leave skin hydrated and plumped up. The Try-Me! Size contains sufficient for 1-2 week's use. Made with 90% organic ingredients. Review | Add Photos | Buy

1 x Rejuvenating Eye Serum with Rose & Starflower - 2ml, £5.50

This rejuvenating Organic Eye Serum with Rose & Starflower in a dropper bottle is designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Rose fruit oil is combined with starflower oil to deliver a rejuvenating and smoothing eye treatment. The Try-Me! Size contains sufficient for 1-2 week's use. Made with 98% organic ingredients. Review | Add Photos | Buy

Stay in Touch

Receive regular updates and stay informed about The Rose Tree special offers and giveaways when you sign up to their newsletter, or follow them on social media.

Visit their online shop to discover more about the brand and their organic collections. All freshly made and handsomely packed! To find out more about a product, or even just to say hello, feel free to drop a line to its founder Olga Rumble

How to apply?

Follow the instructions below to apply and increase your chance of winning in 2 easy steps:

  • Use the Rafflecopter module to earn points.
  • Use the Facebook comment plugin to share, tag your friends and confirm that account is up-to-date. 

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