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E:28/02/13, MuLondon Natural & Organic Moisturisers│25 x Free Samples To Trial

Affordable Ethical Skincare

Handmade from the finest natural essential oils and herbal extracts, MuLondon moisturisers contain only natural and organic ingredients as well as being 100% vegan. Free from nasties and full of goodness, they are great for dry and sensitive skin and ideal for daily all-over body use including face, hands and feet. Read more

“…because they are super concentrated without added water, they last longer, work better, and you really only need to use a tiny bit. I have kept the out of pocket cost down as well, because I really do want people to see how they can help themselves and a sustainable world.” Boris Zatezic, Founder & Head Cream-Whipper. Read more


This month, we have teamed up with MuLondon to offer 25 of our members the opportunity to test and review some of the purest and most ethical skincare products available on the market.

Those selected will also receive a voucher and free accessory if they also post their feedback on MuLondon website. Read more about MuLove promotion.

 1  5 x 30 ml Organic Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary Face Moisturiser, RRP £12.00 each

Luxury 100% organic face moisturiser with Rose Otto Oil, Rosehip Extract and Rosemary Antioxidant. These herbal extracts and oils are carefully balanced and hand-blended in a base of certified organic Shea Butter, Coconut Butter and Golden Jojoba Oil. Read more or Write a review.

Suitable for all skin types, this amazing trio will perfectly pamper, balance and nourish sensitive, damaged and uneven skin.

 2  5 x 30 ml Organic Lavender Face Moisturiser, RRP £9.00 each

Lovely 100% organic face moisturising cream with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Antioxidant and Lavender Essential Oil. This is a rich, creamy balm that is packed full of certified organic oils and herbal extracts, with the classical relaxing and balancing fragrance of organic Lavender Oil. Read more or Write a review.

Suitable for all skin types and ideal for dry and young skin.

 3  5 x 30 ml Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh Face Moisturiser, RRP £9.00 each  

An exclusive blend of organic Shea Butter and Jojoba oil, extracts of Marigold and Blue Chamomile and the essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh. Created to nourish your skin with ingredients which will repair cracked and inflamed skin, and bring a healthy glow to your face. Read more or Write a review.

Suitable for all skin types and especially great for ageing and mature skin.

 4  5 x 30 ml Organic White Chocolate Truffle Face Moisturiser, RRP £9.00 each

Delicious and decadent, indulge your mind and your senses in this luxury spread for your skin. Contains organic Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil and extracts of Cocoa and pure Bourbon Vanilla. Read more or Write a review.

Suitable for all skin types and recommended for rough and dry skin.

 5  5 x 30 ml Organic Hemp Face Moisturiser, RRP £9.00 each

Fresh, woody, smoky and mystical - this Hemp face moisturiser heals and protects with organic Shea Butter, pure Hemp Seed Oil and the exclusive and rare Hemp Essential Oil. Contains Black Spruce and Vetivert Root Oils to create a uniquely fragranced cream that will appeal to both men and women and certified organic Rosemary Antioxidant to help with skin issues like acne. Read more or Write a review.

Suitable for all skin types and best for oily, male and acne-prone skin.


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Boris Zatezic is also available +44 20 3411 8611 or by email to answer your questions.

If you cannot wait to try these amazing moisturisers, visit their online shop and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, surprise your sweet heart with an Organic Foaming Face Cleaner this year.

Did you know that every review posted on MuLondon’s website is rewarded by a free gift? Read more at MuLove promotion.

MuLondon Moisturiser Collection

How to apply?

Read carefully the terms and conditions below before applying for this trial:

  • To qualify you must be a registered member. Sign up, if you do not have an account yet
  • Use the Add comment link at the bottom of this page to apply. Log in first, if you already have an account
  • Specify which item you wish to test. Example: For the Lavender Face Moisturiser, quote No2
  • Make sure that your preferred product suits your skin type
  • Offer ends at midnight 28 February 2013
  • Priority will be given to the testers and most active members
  • Your application will not be considered, if a delivery address is not available by the end-date. How-to?
  • You will not be eligible, if you have failed to review a trial product sent to you in the past. Why?
  • Only the selected candidates will be contacted by email
  • Samples can be delivered worldwide
  • Click here to review one of MuLondon moisturisers
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Multi-award winning Weleda Skin Food beloved by beauty editors, celebs and supermodels alike

  • Published in rose

Weleda Skin Food (75ml) scooped Best Skincare Product 2011, making this the 10th award in the UK for this true beauty classic in the past two years alone! This impressive multi-tasker has proven to be unbeatable in all areas: from high fashion glossies through to trade journals and complementary health practitioner magazines. This product now enjoys a high profile following with dozens of beauty professionals, supermodels and screen goddesses amongst its fan club.

Ethical Living comments:

Thick, creamy, natural and heavily moisturising, this cream is a versatile winner. It leaves skin visibly brighter and moisturised with a cooling finish. It is a delight for hands, feet, lips, eczema and elbows! Very little is required and absorbs easily. Dry Skin? Trust us, you’ll love this product”.

Optima Magazine, 2 April 2011.

Feature: Be a skin care sage and check out the beauty of herbs. Calendula. Renowned for its healing, soothing, skin-softening properties, calendula is exceptional for dry skin conditions, especially if cracked or chapped. Its cooling properties are also useful in massage oils.

What they say? Try Weleda Skin Food – Excellent for troublesome skin, and first launched in 1926. This wonder cream nourishes, repairs and protects dry, flaky patches, making it particularly good for elbows, feet and hands if they are exposed to the elements. It also has wild pansy and chamomile to help calm irritation.

Newcastle Sunday Sun Magazine, 20 March 2011.

Feature: All mad about the girl. Chart-topper Adele has announced a new tour in the autumn and it includes a date in the North East.

What they say? Liz Lamb poses her a few questions. Which beauty products do you swear by? Because I wear a lot of make-up and when I’m working I like to use Skin Food by Weleda because I feel really replenished when I do. My skin feels back to life and not caked in foundation.

Top Sante Magazine, March 2011.

Feature: Top Sante beauty diary. Your daily regime needs these products.

What they say? Forever green. Feed thirsty skin with Skin Food from the natural and ethical beauty brand Weleda. Approaching its 90th birthday, Weleda created the cult product in 1921 and it’s still going strong. A great all-rounder, it’s perfect for dry patches, hands or just when you need to rescue tired skin.

Vogue Magazine, March 2011.

What they say? This Back Stage Beauty Secret from the original green beauty pioneer, is a nourishing repair cream to replenish and revive dry or stressed skin. This industry beauty secret – first launched in 1926 – is a firm favourite with models and make-up artists, and a must-have for London Fashion Week.

Make-up Artist Fans:

Cyber Lady, gave this 10 out of 10 – read more >

Celebrity make-up artist Lucy Burt has some top tips on how to use Skin Food – find out more >

Also loved by celebrity make-up artist Hannah Maxwell read more >

Make-up artist Claire McDonnell calls this her hero product – read more >

Celebrity Fans:

Adele (Singer), Alexa Chung (presenter), Brooke Shields (actress), Charlie Green (celebrity make-up artist), Demi Moore (actress), Erin O’Conner (model), Sophie Ward (model), Kim Medcalf (actress), Helena Christiensen (model), Julia Carling (presenter/writer), Lili Taylor (actress), Melissa Joan Hart (actress), Michelle Smith (designer), Peaches Geldof (presenter), Tory Burch (designer), Liz Fraser (writer & presenter), Rihanna (singer), Jessica Stam (model), Liya Kebede (model), Winona Ryder (actress), Caryn Franklin (fashion presenter), Angela Lindvall (model).


SpaRitual launches Truth Spring 2011 Collection of nail lacquers

  • Published in admin

SpaRitual has released its Truth Spring 2011 Collection of nail lacquers which includes:

Knowledge is power - Bold pink berry crème
Through every life experience and each person you encounter, is how you truly awaken. Knowledge of self is discovered over time.
Reveal Yourself - Light petal pink crème
The essence of who you are is revealed when you look deep within yourself. Let your spirit child reveal herself. The truth will set you free.
Circle of Life - Electric Blue Crème
There is no beginning and no end. Acknowledge and embrace the various phases of your life. Everything is a constant flow of infinite energy.
Enlightened Soul - Solar Sun Crème
Welcome the endless flow of love into your life. Remove the blockages. Feel with your heart and see with your soul. Fear nothing. Search deep within and become one with yourself.
Eye of the Beholder - Anjou Pear Crème
In your eyes, you behold the truth. The beauty you can see is only yours to perceive. Be conscious of all that is around you and discover your own truth.
Face of Destiny - Warm coral crème
You are the manifestation of what you choose to create in your life. The universe is here to grant your desires. Open yourself to positive flowing energy. Believe, expect and embrace your destiny.

Truth Collection 12 Piece Display, Code: 81218, £44.95 + VAT

Truth Collection 4 Piece Display, Code: 88811, £15.95 + VAT

The SpaRitual Truth Collection is displayed on their signature 12 piece lacquered wood tray. Keep your wood tray as a permanent part of your salon and spa décor. The tray contains no glues and may be composted, or recycled with paper products.
As with all SpaRitual lacquers, these new shades are vegan and free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin. Each nail lacquer includes their sleek patented Plum Cap allowing effortless opening of the bottle and a non-slip grip while applying lacquer.


Weleda's Birch Cellulite Oil is specially formulated to tone and firm skin

  • Published in admin

Most mums will encounter cellulite at some point in their life. Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy loosen the connective tissues to enable the skin to become more elastic. These changes can make women more vulnerable to cellulite.
If the tone of these elastic fibres is compromised, fat cells can become engorged with lipid fats and begin clumping together. When cells become larger they press through the weakened connective tissue to the skin surface creating the mattress-like dimpling. Once the cellulite process has started, the plump fat cells can also press into the fine vascular and lymphatic systems, restricting oxygen supply and making it more difficult for the skin to rid itself of toxins. This is where birch comes in.

Silver Birch (Betula alba) is one of Weleda's favourite ingredients. The birch is traditionally linked to purification - the preferred material for the rods used in corporal punishment, and the switch used by flagellants to cleanse the soul. You'll be glad to hear that Weleda take a rather gentler approach to beat cellulite and detox! Today birch is used in bodycare products for its ability to purify the complexion to leave skin clear and bright.

Weleda's Birch Cellulite Oil (rrp £18.95 100ml) is 100% natural, contains no artificial preservatives or additives, and is specially formulated to tone and firm skin, and tackle those orange peel dimples on thighs and hips. It's made from organic birch grown in South Bohemia (the Czech Republic) and gathered from certified collection. The tender young birch leaves contain valuable flavanoids which encourage secretion or elimination processes to flush out toxins and restore skin radiance.

The leaf extract is combined with organic rosemary extract to stimulate skin circulation and metabolic processes, plus toning root extract of the Mediterranean Ruscus aculeatus (butcher's broom), together with skin-smoothing oils of revitalising apricot (Prunus armeniaca), vitamin-rich wheatgerm (Triticum vulgare) and replenishing jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) to refine skin texture.

To boost the effects of the massage oil, try Weleda's Birch Juice (rrp £9.50 200ml) which is a certified organic health supplement to help detoxify your body, healthily and naturally, and improve your skin from the inside out. Tests show that using these products together gives the best results (see below).

As well as helping you rediscover your vitality, a detox programme also brings beauty benefits: cleansing your system purifies the complexion to leave skin clear and bright. Add to a glass of water as a healthy drink, or for maximum health benefits add two table spoonfuls (30ml) to a bottle of mineral water to consume at regular intervals through the day. A 3-6 week course is recommended to help improve vitality.

A dermatological study confirmed that when using Birch Cellulite Oil twice daily over 28 days in combination with Birch Juice, testers' skin was on average noticeably 35% firmer and skin elasticity improved by 20%. Visible improvement of skin-structure was recorded in 85% of cases, and testers' skin showed a healthy 20-25% increase in blood circulation/ microcirculation. Tests were conducted independently by German dermatological specialists proDERM, Institut für Angewandte, Dermatologische Forschung GmbH, Hamburg, over 12 weeks, using Birch Juice for the first three weeks of the study.

A favourite with supermodel Erin O’Connor, this health supplement helps you spring clean your body healthily and naturally. It’s made from silver birch extract, without added sweeteners, and blended with refreshing lemon juice. As well as helping you rediscover your vitality, a detox programme also brings beauty benefits: cleansing your system purifies the complexion to leave skin clear and bright.

Weleda realises that busy mums have more to worry about than cellulite, which is after all a natural process. But when mums can find a little me-time, Birch Cellulite Oil can be incorporated into a pampering and nurturing programme to tone and firm skin, perhaps if you are considering returning to work and feel the extra body confidence would give you a much needed boost.

Available from independent health stores and pharmacies or online such as amazon or boots.


Weleda's Massage Balm with Arnica to relieve rheumatic and muscular pain and stiffness

  • Published in admin

Weleda’s Massage Balm with Arnica (rrp £9.95 100ml) is a great solution to muscular aches and pains.

Use it before a training session or event, for a warm up massage to prepare muscles for the gruelling task ahead. A soothing rub down after the race will help the body relax and rid itself of lactic acid and other chemicals that can contribute to stiffness, cramp or aches and pains the following day.

Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory, valued for its natural ability to release tight, knotty muscles. Weleda add organic rosemary to invigorate, soothing extract of silver birch leaves, and warming lavender to relax. No synthetic ingredients or artificial additives are added.

This silky massage oil has remained Weleda’s all-time top selling natural remedy since the company, the original green pioneers, began in the 1920s. It’s made with organic arnica grown in the Scottish Black Isle where the strong light and long midsummer days (up to 21 hours) aid the constant formation of very prolific flowers.

Massage Balm is hugely popular with sports physios to look after athletes, football teams and rugby players, oarsmen and even ballet dancers. This wonderfully aromatic dark golden liquid contains plant extracts and oils to comfort aches and pains that flair up when put to the test. It’s a licensed medicine to relieve rheumatic and muscular pain or stiffness, bruising, backache, cramp and sprains.

For best results, apply after a warming bath or shower whilst the skin is still damp. The handy travel size (rrp £5.95 50ml) is ideal to pack for an event or the gym.

Amateur running enthusiast Darren Spooner, who lives in Derbyshire, said: “After over-indulging at Christmas, getting into shape for the marathon was certainly a great challenge. When I started training I must have been leaving a trail of mince pies in my wake. Massage Balm is my must-have.”

Weleda’s first aid and sports medicines can be found in natural health stores and pharmacies nationwide or online.


SpaRitual improves the overall health, beauty and resilience of natural nails

  • Published in admin

SpaRitual presents two products to strengthen, grow and revitalize the nails with remarkable botanical key ingredients that improve the overall health, beauty and resilience of natural nails.

Treatment Basecoat
Nutri-Thick® Growth Support for thin nails
Nutri-Thick brings powerful growth support to thin, weak nails. Fortified with SpaRitual's RevitaPlex system delivering a strengthening blend of Wheat Protein to rebuild the nail structure and Green Tea and Ginko Biloba to stimulate circulation, boosted with Calcium for extra nail building resilience, promoting nail growth for healthy resilient nails.

Cuticle Treatment
Cuti-Treat™ Cuticle Gel
Made with 78% Certified Organic ingredients, Cuti-Treat Cuticle Gel brings nourishing growth support to thin, weak nails by treating dry damaged cuticles at the root. Formulated with SpaRitual's RevitaPlex System bringing a therapeutic blend of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to condition and boosted with Pineapple to soften overgrown cuticles, while sealing in natural antioxidants to promote healthy cuticles and nails.

Each SpaRitual Nail Elixir comes with a sleek, patented Plum Cap®. This rubberized and texturized cap allows easy opening of the bottle and a non-slip grip while applying product. SpaRitual's signature brush is also specially designed to allow for precise lacquer application. The shorter brush length offers more control and accuracy of treatment and lacquer application.
0.5fl oz/15ml £8.95

"SpaRitual is a luxury, vegan, eco-conscious spa lifestyle brand composed of effective multi-purpose treatment products and beauty rituals for the hands, body, feet and nails. SpaRitual's dedication to the environment is the cornerstone of the brand, and by supporting SpaRitual you are supporting an eco-conscious holistic beauty movement" said Shel Pink, founder SpaRitual

Each SpaRitual product is vegan, biodegradable and free of synthetic dyes, parabens, preservatives and petrochemicals.


Emani Minerals Hydrating Lip Colours do not contain any traces of lead

  • Published in admin

Lead is a proven neurotoxin (a toxin that damages or destroys nerve tissue) that can cause learning, language and behavioral problems such as lowered IQ and increased aggression. Lead also accumulates in our bodies and is hard for our kidneys and liver to process. In fact, the human body has no use for lead what so all. No-one eats lipstick intentionally; however studies have shown that on average women digest 1lb of their lip product per lifetime.

Did you know that more than half of 33 brand-name lips tested by contained detectable levels of lead, ranging from 0.03 to 0.65 parts per million; however none of these lipsticks listed lead as an ingredient.

Cosmetic companies don't actually put lead directly into their products, but traces of lead are found in dyes needed to obtain certain colours. Most red lipsticks contain higher levels of lead as some red pigments are lead based.

Emani Minerals Hydrating Lip Colours do not contain any traces of lead
* A creamy formula that infuses vitamins onto your lips, enriched with natural oils to nourish your lips keeping them soft and kissable.
* 100% natural lip colour
* Free from parabens and petroleum
* No beeswax - vegan friendly
* Contains sweet almond oil to condition your lipsm

Technical fact - Smaller particle size giving a smooth, true and high pay off colour.

To purchase any of the above cosmetics or other ethical luxury beauty products from Emani order online.

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