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April 12│Win a free Neal's Yard Remedies English Lavender Bath & Body Care Collection - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 votes

Congratulations to last month star reviewer: gypsonic

With 286 reviews, 208 listings, 142 threads and 3 blog articles gypsonic was the most active member last month and the winner of our March 2012 prize, the Lancôme Trésor In Love Gift Set.

A leading independent British retailer of organic natural health and beauty products.

The first Neal's Yard Remedies shop opened in 1981 in a corner of Neal's Yard in Covent Garden. Romy Fraser, the founder, was interested in natural health and wellbeing and opened a shop that offered a wide selection of dried herbs, homoeopathic remedies, the UK’s first certified organic essential oils, Bach flower remedies, and an extensive range of toiletries based on herbs and essential oils packaged in their distinctive blue glass bottles and jars.

In 1985 a small factory was opened in South London to meet increasing demand. In 1986 they opened two new shops and they have continued to grow. They now have 40 shops, 64 Therapy Rooms and 400 stockists in the UK, including well-known department stores like John Lewis and Fenwicks, and can be found in branches of Boots and Waitrose. They have also expanded overseas, with outlets in Japan, US, UAE, Oman, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greece, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and Australia.

In 2005 Neal's Yard Remedies head office moved from South London to a new purpose-built eco-factory facility at Peacemarsh, near Gillingham, Dorset. That same year Romy Fraser sold the business to the Kindersley family, former publishers and owners of Sheepdrove Organic Farm, providing enough land to grow some of the herbs that are used in their products. 

About the English Lavender

Native to the western Mediterranean region, primarily in the Pyrenees and other mountains in northern Spain, the English lavender is commonly grown as an ornamental plant. It is popular for its colourful flowers, its fragrance and its ability to survive with low water consumption. It does not grow well in continuously damp soil. It is fairly tolerant of low temperatures.

In addition to its use as an ornamental plant, the flowers and leaves are also used as an herbal medicine, either in the form of lavender oil or as an herbal tea. The flowers are also used as a culinary herb, most often as part of the French herb blend called Herbes de Provence.

Lavender essential oil, when diluted with a carrier oil, is commonly used as a relaxant with massage therapy. Products for home use, such as lotions, eye pillows and bath oils are also used to induce relaxation. Both the petals and the oil are the most popular ingredients in handmade soap.

Dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil are also used as a prevention against clothing moths, which do not like their scent.

Neal's Yard Remedies New English Lavender Bath & Body Care Collection

The wonderful aromatherapy properties of the pure organic English lavender would help to relax and refresh the body, while lifting the spirits and relieving tired muscles.

NYR have chose this lavender, as it’s gently soothing with a softer scent than its French cousin. It is grown in Hampshire, England, by a family firm with over 30 years’ experience of growing and distilling herbs.

This month, we are giving away to our most active member this luxurious NYR set containing:

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0 #8 GrachevaOlga 2015-08-01 08:27
"My account is up-to-date. Would like to win!"
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0 #7 icedorild 2013-04-05 15:17
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+2 #6 mixnmatch1 2012-05-03 10:20
Well done girls on this months prize,you deserved it :)
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+1 #5 BOT 2012-05-02 21:52
Oops! That was our closest call ever!
After re-counting, it seemed that gypsonic had submitted the highest number of postings in April. With 217 reviews, 145 listings , 131 threads and 3 blogs, she is the winner of last month's prize.
However, SamBrez worked as hard with 258 reviews, 134 listings , 67 threads and 2 blogs. We'll happily dispatch a NYR's gift set of similar value to her.
Congratulations to both of them!
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+2 #4 gypsonic 2012-04-10 18:10
Beautiful quality and generous prize as always
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