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Avon soft musk EDT
Eaux de Toilette catsholidaycatsholiday August 08, 2013 1216
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(Updated: August 08, 2013)
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I really don't know how I came to have this bottle of musk eau de toilette in my cache of stuff but as I have been spraying it liberally over the last few weeks I thought maybe I might give my thoughts about this.

It comes in a musky pink box which is fairly plain and inside the glass bottle is also plain in an oval squashed sort of shape. The lid is plain pink and the whole thing looks quite cheap and basic in my view. It certainly would not be one to jump out and say 'Buy me' if I saw it on the shelf. I think this is an Avon classic though I have never tried it before and it certainly isn't one I will be rushing to buy again.

It sprays well from the bottle and you get a decent amount of eau de toilette coming out. I find I need to give lots of squirts to get enough scent from this to actually enable me to smell anything on me. It does however make the bathroom smell quite pleasant when I have finished squirting it over me and my clothes.

I like musky perfumes. I do try and avoid any that even might have natural musk from animals but I do like the note it adds to a perfume. I also used to like Body Shop White Musk about twenty years ago but am not so fussed now. I think this has a similar reaction for me. It is okay and I don't mind splashing it over me for everyday smelling but it isn't one I would chose to wear on a special occasion. This is what I splash on when going to Tesco or to my Homestart family as I want to smell pleasant but am not fussed about which scent.

This does smell quite nice but in a very synthetic way. It is sweet and slightly woody spicy musky when I first spray this on and it hits my nose then within five minutes I can smell very little. There is no development ans no lasting quality. My clothes even when pretty soaked in the stuff barely smell at the end of the day and I certainly wouldn't be able to tell they had been squirted in musk.

This can be bought from your Avon rep or on line for under a tenner which in my view is what it is worth. It is extremely light, slightly sweet and has virtually no lasting power at all.

If this was the first perfume from Avon that I had tried I wouldn't bother with any others but I have tried a few and some of the others are better in both scent and lasting quality.

This looks cheap and smells cheap too in my view and I am using it up as fast as I can. It makes a pleasant freshener in the bathroom and our bedroom so I apply plenty on me and allow it to freshen the room at the same time.

Not one I will be buying a second time I am afraid.

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It smells quite nice if a touch synthetic
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Doesn't last on me
A weak musky EDT from Avon
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