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Type in the basics like the name of the product. You can see that I have tabs open for the stila site because it’s far easier to copy and paste than to write it yourself.

Add the size and the price the work out what 100ml would cost. All you do is divide 16 by 14.1 and multiply by 100. It shows you how expensive things are.

Copy the description from the stilla site and any other details they have (like the ingredients). There isn’t much on the site so if you can’t find anything then fine just leave the boxes blank.

Okay all you need to do here is copy the URL from the stila site (just click once in the box at the top of the page and copy by right clicking) and paste that into the Manufacturer box. Then right click on the picture of the product on the stila site and saving the picture to your computer. Make sure you know where it goes (probably Pictures) and what it’s called (in this case 094800341531-AOSLL_Rose_Gold_Shimmer_1024x1024.jpg). Then click on Browse… and find the image on your computer, select it and click open).

Just Submit and you’re done. You can edit anything so if you get more information or want to change anything just go in and click edit.
The finished page looks like this:

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