How to tell us more about you?

How to tell us more about you?
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To simplify the opening of your account and to protect your privacy, we keep the registration process as simple as possible.

However, you may wish to tell us and the community a bit more about yourself by providing additional information.

If available, we would use your correspondance address to send by post the free samples right for you or a prize you won.

To check how we protect your data, please refer to the relevant paragraphs of our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and User Content Standards.

How to add or modify information about yourself?

  1. Login
  2. Go to: My Account > My Profile
  3. To add, remove, change your avatar or to post an update on your wall, go to the Portrait tab.
  4. To post a short introduction about yourself or to update your status, go to the Status tab
  5. To enter your correspondance details, go to the Contact Details tab
  6. To change your account details or tell us more about yourself, go to the Profile tab
  7. To subscribe our newsletters, go to the Newsletters tab
  8. To enter your forum signature or change your settings, go to the Forum tab
  9. Update
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