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Written by BOT   February 23, 2014  
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INSKIN Skin Soothing Facial Oil-1000


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With essential oil of chamomile. Suitable for hyper-sensitive skin types including eczema and rosacea.
The development for this product came around from so many customers asking for help with their sensitive skin problems. Sensitive skin can be de-sensitised by using ‘regular’ products in small quantities 1 x per week, then build up from there. Equally, diet needs to be monitored, particularly the intake of processed food, alcohol, sugary products and caffeine.
Whilst working towards normalising skin, this facial oil is ideal as it has only three ingredients, which reduce the risk of sensitivity and toxic overload as all ingredients are gentle.
- Blue chamomile essential oil is used due to its high chamazulene content. Many studies have shown that chamazulene demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity. Not only is chamomile excellent for sensitive skin, it is regularly used for excema and rosacea. (Anti-inflammatory Blue Chamomile is used rather than the cheaper less beneficial Roman chamomile)
- Rosehip oil contains high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and essential fatty acids. In human skin, the ideal PH is between a 4.5 and 6.5. Rosehip oil has a pH of 5.1 which means it is perfect for treating our own skin. (Cold pressed rosehip oil is used rather than the cheaper solvent extracted and widely used rosehip oil)
- Vitamin E is naturally high in anti-oxidant properties, and two of the benefits is the ability of Vitamin E to prevent inflammation and the strengthening of the immune system. (Twice as effective natural vitamin E is used rather than food grade synthetic vitamin E. Please be aware it’s incredibly easy to mix the two up.)
SHOULD I BUY THIS PRODUCT? – This oil is ideal for you if you have sensitive skin and struggle to find products that don’t irritate your skin.
DID YOU KNOW? – Chamomile grows wild in Britain although INSKIN only use Blue German Chamomile. Its main active ingredient chamazulene, has a high content level and is highly effective for inflamed skin.
AROMA – Slightly musky and has been described to be like apples, it is suitable for males/females.


USAGE – After cleansing the face, use 3 – 5 drops on the face and neck area massaging gently.
DO NOT USE – Within the first three months of pregnancy.


Rosehip oil (rosa canina), German blue chamomile essential oil (matricaria chamomilla), Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol).

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