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Serums and Oils bougheyrmbougheyrm April 16, 2013 1635
A Must Have SOS For Ageing Skin
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I adore this facial oil from NUDE. NUDE products are most certainly not cheap products but they do give amazing and fast results. Good quality oil based products actually have hugely beneficial advantages on the complexion and address all manner of issues, from sensitivity, ageing, dehydration, rosacea and acne. This little bottle may be expensive but it is a phenomenal feed for the skin and has very fast results.
The NUDE range has aesthetically pleasing packaging. This treatment oil comes in a quality, dark blue bottle with a wonderful pump pipette that picks up just the right amount of product when depressed. This is fantastic to ensure that you do not over dispense your product. It is recommended that you use two to 3 drops of the oil per application. When dispensed you see a light golden oil with is very light in texture. Lightly warmed between the hands it glides onto the face and neck effortlessly. You will see that a tiny amount goes a very long way and if you do not over dispense beyond the measured amount, you cannot overload your skin with this oil. It is a fairly dry oil and it disappears very quickly into the face and neck area. Immediately you feel a wonderful, indulgent warmth on the skin which screams quality. You know that your skin is receiving a real treat when you apply this product. The fragrance is difficult to describe; it is ‘barely there’ and has a very natural almost nutty scent. There is a plethora of natural oils in this product and I am glad that NUDE has not opted for a highly fragrant oil which in my opinion is better suited to the body area.
After application your skin feels immediately soft, supple and moisturised and you could easily use this alone without the need for a moisturiser. For me, dehydration is an issue so I layer this under my night moisturiser for maximum effect. I prefer to use this at night only as it provides me with an essential feed for my skin and in the morning I never fail to be impressed by the results. Since continued use, my skin is plump, deeply moisturised and my fine lines are greatly diminished in visibility. This oil has helped to rebalance and clam my skin and at no point has it caused excess oil production of any sort of overload to my skin.
I agree that I would not be able to use this product on a regular basis due to its hefty price tag; however, it is my intention to keep this on my dressing table as an essential SOS product for my skin. The results I have experience have been fantastic and would not want to be without it in my skincare routine. If you are in the position to add this to your routine I would urge you to give it a try. For the older ladies, where ageing is a concern this is an absolute hero product!!

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Rich in omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. Natural ingredients. Deeply moisturising and balancing. Non greasy. A little goes a long way. Beautiful easy dispense quality packaging
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Very expensive
A wonderful and highly effective facial oil with omega 3, 6, 7 & 9. Wonderful for stressed, dehydrated ageing complexions. A real SOS product but with a rather heft price tag
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