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Serums and Oils mjaffery12mjaffery12 August 18, 2014 4313
Too expensive
(Updated: June 08, 2017)
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Strongest points
Deeply hydrating,
Absorbs instantly,
Antioxidant properties,
Anti inflammatory,
Anti bacterial,
Soft and smooth skin,
Suits all skin types,
Suitable for sensitive skin,
Weakest points
Very expensive,
Solidifies in cold,
I hadn't heard of the brand Innarah before so had to read up about. It sounded like an oil that was going to be a good treat for my skin.
I have sensitive dry skin and I do get alot of break outs (blotchy rashes) on my face from alot of products I try.
My dropper didn't pick up any of the oil so I had to just dab it on my skin which meant I didn't know how much I was using.
Being able to see the oil is a bit off putting but I saw they sell it in the purple bottles which have a luxury expensive look. This means you don't see the sediment collecting in the bottle. It does collect around the opening of the bottle shaking didn't remove that, I used a cotton bud with hit water but made sure it didn't go into the oil. But they do warn about this and as it's natural and herbal it is to be expected. It's best to keep it at room temperature as it does tend to start solidifying. My bedroom is always cold so i pit the bottle in the palm of my hands to warm it up and the sediment goes when shaking the bottle but not fully.
The oil is smooth and when applied to the skin absorbs instantally. It does have a strong scent which was a bit off putting but it fades away quite quickly.
I do like this product and loved how soft my skin was and it soothes any sensitive skin and also has a slight warning too it. It's deeply hydrating and moisturising and as a multitude of natural healing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties.
I have only noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin and how hydrated it feels. I use this twice a day it compliments the moisturiser you use and gives the skin a boost of hydration and the skin feels nourished. It doesn't leave your skin looking greasy or shiney and can be used under your usual makeup for an added boost of moisture.
I'm pleased I was able to trial such an expensive product and feel like it really does make a huge difference to your face and neck. My skin felt revived and deeply hydrated and nourished. If you can afford to spend alot of money on skincare products then this will be perfect to add to your daily skincare routine. I'm on a low income and car afford to spend hundreds of £'s on one product.
Which is a shame as I am enjoying using it.
I'm not going to recommend this product due to the fact of most people not being able to spend so much money on one product.
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