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This is one of Lush’s wonderful fresh face masks. I never buy these as I always seem to be able to save my five black pots to take back washed and read for recycling and as a rewards I get to choose a fresh face pack free. As they are all about £5.50 each and come in a small 75g pot that makes a very worthwhile saving. Some reviewers have commented that this is expensive and while I agree it does seem a lot to pay out initially I do find I get at least five uses and sometimes even six or seven so in actual fact it works out about the same as cheaper less effective, and certainly less fresh brands.

I chose this one mainly as I had never used it before and it had a pleasant rose scent and I was told it also was a gentle exfoliant which I always like. It is designed for those with sensitive skins and does contain real seaweed which is apparently gathered fresh from the sea in Poole Harbour twice a week. When I saw it in the shop it was a paler creamy colour but you could clearly see the seaweed bits however on closer inspection in my pot at home it looks darker, a sort of pale muddy colour with the bits clearly showing still.

It is a play on the name BBC and was indeed developed for the BBC show ‘Girls on Top’. Charlie Dimmock and Anna Ryder Richardson went to the Lush laboratories and the factory and helped to invent this mask for the show and hence the name ’BB Seaweed’ I love to hear the background stories behind the products, it is all part of the charm of Lush products.

In the shop the various face mask are in big stainless steel bowls on ice and presented with fresh items that are in the actual face mask as garnish; so this one had some cut papaya as garnish. The face packs are made fresh in the Derby shop for their use only. Other products are made down in the factory in Dorset and brought in to the shop.
As these are made with fresh ingredients they have a limited life and must be stored in the fridge. I have once had two face packs as I was given one in the shop and because we were just about to go on holiday I stuck it in the freezer. We were away about four weeks and when I returned I retrieved my face mask and it was absolutely fine, it lasted another six weeks in the fridge and smelled great and I used it once a week for the six weeks. So don’t worry too much about the keeping aspect as they do last a fair time if kept in the fridge and used with clean fingers or a spoon to get the stuff out.

This mask is full of goodies to help to soften, cool and soothe skin while reducing any redness from irritated skin or from skin of people who spend a lot of time outdoors. I have to admit that I don’t spend that much time outdoors in the cold weather as I am a warm weather sort of person but my skin is fairly sensitive and is losing its youthful glow so I like to give my face a bit of TLC at least once a week.

I like the fact that this dries and feeds your skin and then when you rinse it off as you wet it again you can then give your face a bit of a rub and exfoliate as it has ground almonds and millet flakes in it too and this helps remove any dead skin cells which dull your skin.

The main ingredients that help to soothe and soften the skin are aloe vera, seaweed and honey and then the lovely olive oil moisturizes any dry patches. The rosemary oil helps to regenerate the skin and of course smells nice too. Patchouli oil also adds extra scent and I for one love the smell of patchouli. Fresh rose petals and rose absolute have been used since the ancient times as aids to beauty and these reduce redness and soothe the skin too as well as smelling lovely.

This mixture is then all combined with kaolin which is soothing and absorbs excel grease then the ground almonds and millet flakes both enable this to be used as an exfoliant. The ground almonds also add a bit of extra natural oil from the almonds.

The bentonite gel is a sort of clay from volcanic ash deposits and it holds up to fifteen times its own weight of water this is perfect for face masks as has a nice slippery feel to it and it also has healing and soothing qualities. Traditionally this has been used in poultices. Bentonite gel also helps absorb grease and dirt from the skin and tightens pores at the same time which also has the effect of smoothing out wrinkles.

The other biggie in this face mask is the seaweed and it is only recently that the benefits of seaweed to the beauty industry have been revived. Seaweed is said to have the ability to detoxify the body and rejuvenate the skin as it can destroy bacteria and contains a great array of minerals.


It is quite a firm creamy mixture so you have to dig your finger in quite firmly to scoop out what you need. As it is quite firm it doesn’t drip so there is no waste. Usually spread it reasonably evenly, not too thick using my fingers and keep my other hand underneath to catch any bits that drop off. It needs to cover your face, avoiding your eyes, but does not have to e plastered on thickly. I usually wear a shower cap to keep my hair away from the mask too so as you can imagine I look a true delight, and no, there are no photos going to be put up with this on.

I have used this mask twice now and found it went on pretty easily although some of the bits of seaweed did fall off my face. I lay in the bath and relaxed for about ten minutes then wet my face and gently exfoliated my skin. As the mask was quite lumpy with the millet and seaweed I decided against washing it off in the bath as I often do as I didn’t feel like cleaning the bath afterwards. I got out and dried myself enough to rinse the rest off in the basin. Most of it was pretty easy to rinse off though a few bits were more determined to stay.
I then dried myself before continuing to deal with my face. I finished off with some cold water and a toner before putting on my usual moisturiser.

How did my face feel? Well it did feel clean and fresh but not at all tight which sometimes can happen with a face mask. If I am honest I didn’t notice any wrinkle reduction but then it didn’t promise that. I felt like I had given my face a nice treat and my skin felt soft, clean and nicely tight or firm so all in all I was happy. I had no problem with any sensitivity so it lived up toits calming claims.

This is not my absolute favourite mask from Lush, I think that is Ayesha or Sacred Truth, but this is very nice and I would certainly get this one again sometime in the future. I like to choose different ones rather than the same one all the time.

The smell is really lovely, gently rosy with a slightly herby and earthy note from the clay and patchouli it also has a really lovely creamy feel to it with a few bits that need to be carefully put on your face as they tend to fall off. It does make my skin feel well fed and it feels nice and soft and a bit smoother too so I am happy. I am especially happy as it was free although it does cost £5.50 if you don’t have five pots to hand back. This as I said before it actually still quite good value as easily get six uses from this little pot as you don’t need to cake it on thickly at all.

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