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It Really Is A Mystery!!
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A complete mystery with quite remarkable results!!

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Beautiful cream texture that applies easily and smoothly to the face. 2-In-1 product that can be used as a face wash or mask in place of 2 products so excellent value for money. Gorgeous, fruity scent. Tones, brightens and rejuvenates without drying the skin. Removes all grime, grease and most makeup
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I need to know what this is.....?
Well after using my free sample of The Skincare Mystery product for almost 3 days I want to review my findings. The sachet container a cream that is apple green in colour and has a lovely, light and smooth texture. The scent is fruity and reminds me of cucumber and apple. On the first day I used this product as a face wash. You apply a small amount to your damp face and massage. It odes not penetrate or foam but it feels very refreshing on the skin. After massage I rinsed the product away and patted my face dry with a soft towel. I was quite stunned that immediately my skin felt tighter and felt remarkable clean and fresh! The tightness worried me at first as I thought that it had dried our my skin, however, when I touched my face it still felt moisturised, so it was a trick of the mind (or skin) My skin felt unbelievable smooth and all excess oil and grime was gone! It had brightened my skin immediately and after moisturising I just could not believe the texture of my skin! Overnight I expected to see excess oil production due to the strange dry feeling it gave but remarkable my skin was still toned, smooth and oil free. On the next night I used it as a mask. I left the cream on for 3 minutes and then removed with water. Well......WOW!! The exact same results as above but I had a healthy radiance to my skin and the toning and tightening effect was amazing! I am very impressed overall with this mystery sachet and I am chomping at the bit for the 'BIG reveal' on 1st March......Intriguing..???
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