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Lips soonsoon February 03, 2009 944
Best lip balm I've ever tried
(Updated: October 24, 2013)
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There's been a lot of hype surrounding this balm for a while now but it's never been something that I've bothered to look in to. But with the weather getting colder my lips inevitably start to suffer, so I decided to pick this up and see what all the fuss was about.

I'm pretty bad with recognising scents but it's a honey and grapefruit lip balm, so I'm assuming that's what it smells of, but I couldn't say for sure. I'm really not a fan of honey at all, but this is one of the nicest smelling balms I have ever used. I'm actually hoping they have other products in the range that smell the same because I think I'm addicted. It's sweet, but more of a citrusy sweet (I think) than a sugary girly sweet smell.

The packaging is gorgeous, a little frosted glass jar. It has a bit of weight to it, but I can't see it being an issue when carrying it around. It's not quite as sleek as some people may like if they're putting it in their bag, but I'm a fan of a larger bag anyway. The only downside to the packaging for me is that it's a little jar/pot. I prefer my lip balm in tubes or sticks just so I'm not constantly poking my fingers in it which always feels a little less hygenic, but it isn't a huge issue for me.

When you apply it you can feel it on your lips as it is a thick texture, but unlike a lot of other thicker balms it gives the appearance of a clear gloss (rather than some that leaves an odd whiteish residue behind) it also lasts for a decent amount of time. I've had balms in the past where 15 minutes later you can't tell there was anything on my lips at all, but this has decent staying power and is intensely moisturising for the lips. Even if you're not a fan of having a thicker balm for day use, I'd definitely still recommend it for a night time treatment. Within 24 hours of using this my lips were a lot softer and far less chapped, it's definitely going to be my go-to balm for the winter, and probably a lot longer after that.

It is slightly more expensive than your average lip balm but I'm not listing that as a weakness because you get 15g of product, it's a very thick consistency so you don't need to layer it all on and due to the fact that it has decent staying power you won't be reapplying every five minutes, so I think 1 pot will last an incredibly long time.

I've honestly never been so impressed with a lip balm before and I can't recommend it enough ^^

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Strongest points
Gorgeous scent
Thick balm that remains on your lips
Clear when applied, so can be worn throughout the day
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In a pot rather than a tube
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