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As a great fan of all things Lush I find it very hard to walk past their shop without going in This does mean that I buy an awful lot of their stuff but not only do I buy products but I also always ask for at least one sample as well and sometimes I get two or three depending on who is talking to me. I find if I spend some time chatting to the staff and they now know me quite well so I always do rather well in the sample line.

I had my eye on trying this really expensive face cream called 'Gorgeous'. Now Lush is never a cheap option but this is really expensive at £35 for a tiny pot with only 45g of the stuff in it. I have actually managed to get at least four samples of this over the last couple of years and find the sample pot is enough for a mini pot to take away on holiday and is an added bonus of having something rather luxurious to use while away from home.

Lush take pride in the fact that they do not have over packaged stuff and this cream comes in one of their standard black pots. The ingredients are printed on the label and of course there is the little sticker to say when it was made and who made it. The lids on these pots are really good as they fit securely yet they are easy to get off. I often take these travelling and have never had one spill on my clothes or I the toilet bag as some things do.

I do like the way Lush describe their products and the way they tell you how to use them. They are friendly and normal not stuffy and up themselves. On this one we have these instructions: Pat onto your face and gently work into skin using upwards strokes. No extra fussing they just tell you what works best and simply put.

Well as those of you who buy any decent face creams know they are all pretty expensive. When you buy from Lush what you don't get is celebrity promotions, fancy adverts and expensive packaging. What Lush put in their creams is all good natural stuff which research has shown work effectively to feed your skin.

Apparently the story that is behind this cream is that years ago the posh company,Jo Malone, made a cream specially for Princess Dianna and she loved it. Someone connected with that company and Lush bought the rights to the recipe he asked the Lush founders if they could have a go at the formula.

The miracle workers at Lush managed to recreate the cream and see where it could be improved. Lush now hold the rights to the formula and are making this cream created for royalty and making it for their customers to enjoy the benefits. It is expensive but when you compare it to other creams on the market it is not quite so bad.

Included in this gorgeous cream is extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is very hydrating and full of nice things to soothe and keep the skin moist.

The lovely smelling Orange Blossom Honey Water works well for creams such as this with few preservatives as it contains natural antiseptic properties. The honey helps to sooth and soften the skin and it also has antioxidants which help combat the nasty things you pick up from the environment and of course it smells 'gorgeous'.

Two other fruity ingredients have been included and these are fresh pineapple juice which is supposed to help revive tires skin while the fresh orange juice also has antioxidants to help fight the nasties in the environment which are known as free radicals.

Avocado oil has been found to help the skin to naturally increase collagen production. Collagen is the ingredient in skin which makes your skin tighter and younger looking so this is pretty important in a skin cream.

Evening Primrose oil is well known as a dietary supplement to help with menopause as well as skin and nail problems. When this oil is used on dry, itchy skin such as eczema and psoriasis it has been found to be very effective. It is also very good at helping the skin retain its moisture.

Organic olive oil has been said to help with some cancers and is good to help reduce cholesterol. The oil is rich in vitamin E and other goodies which benefit the skin and help the ant aging process. It also contains powerful antoxidants, some say it is THE best antioxidant.

Wheat germ oil is another of the ingredients in this 'gorgeous' cream and is included because the oleic and linoleic fatty acids which are soothing for skin (and conditioning for hair? It also helps to maintain water in the skin tissue when applied to the skin.

Grape seed oil is quite a light oil with very little smell. This oil contains goodies which are easily absorbed by our skin without leaving it greasy. This oil is very beneficial for damaged skin as it helps the skin repair itself; it is meant to be good at repairing things like stretch marks and is good for the area around the eyes where skin is very soft and delicate.

Fresh Organic Lemon Juice is not only there for its lovely citrus scent but also it is a natural antiseptic and astringent so helps combat excessive oil in the skin.

These last few ingredients are there for their wonderful scent combinations These are orange flower absolute, neroli Oil and myrrh resin all of which are ingredients found in perfumes. The smell of this cream is mildly fruity but at the same time subtly exotic which comes from the depth of scent from the myrrh.

All the ingredients are the best quality you can get and each has a specific ally beneficial role to play within the cream. It is just such a perfect skin repair recipe with the added bonus of having a lovely light scent.

I just love this one and if I had endless funds I wouldn't hesitate to but this and use it daily. It feels rich but at the same time is light and sinks into my skin really nicely. After applying this I can smell the lovely fresh scent and my skin feels well fed, not tight at all but I also don't have a layer of greasiness which I sometimes get from some face creams.

I love the fact that my skin feels soft and smells nice too. My skin looks healthy and bright. It isn't a miracle worker and I do still have lines and wrinkles which I will have to put up with as I am willing to apply creams but not willing to go under the knife in order to be wrinkle free.

Sadly as this is quite a costly product I can't always justify the cost and so I do use other creams, usually those from Lush which are about half the price of this one.

I can't say that I look years younger from using this but I do think I have slowed the process of aging down and hopefully put the brakes on the wrinkles and lines growing any worse. Some do seem to be less deep than they were but it is hard to say whether it is this one cream or a combination of my skin care routine as a whole.

I do realize that there is a limit to what a cream can do even one as 'gorgeous' as this however I think this is a much more natural and beneficial product than others I have bought in the past and paid a lot more for too.

I love the slightly floral and citrus but luxuriously subtle scent that comes from my face when I use this cream. I love the easy way it glides onto my face and the way my face feels when I use it. All in all I think this is fabulous and worth the money but find it hard to justify spending that much on myself sometimes.

If money was no object I would buy pots of this stuff but I do have to be careful and not waste money so as this is expensive at £35.00 per 45g pot I don't buy it regularly. I often ask for samples which usually give me a good week's use if I am careful. I have manged to buy a pot on Ebay once which was a great bargain. I have yet to buy a full priced pot myself and will ask for another sample next time I go in to keep me going for a bit. l. It is worth the money but £35 is a lot of money to hand over despite the fact that it is a really lovely scented moisturising cream for all face types as it balances its benefits according to your skin type.

Don't forget to keep the standard black pot it comes in as when you have five of these you can swap it for a free face pack.

In short it is pricey but good.. Sometimes we ladies need a bit of luxury and this rather special royal recipe is exactly that - "GORGEOUS" and very special.

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Smells gorgeous and is packed full of great natural ngredoents
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A quality luxurious face cream full of natural goodies for your face.
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