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Day Moisturisers gypsonicgypsonic February 15, 2012 1490
Took Some Getting Used Too!
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Gives a perfect flawless blank canvas for your makeup

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Strongest points
Excellent coverage for imperfections. SPF30. Excellent moisturisation. Attractive green and silver tube packaging. Great value for money
Weakest points
Very runny formula and very pale tint
I was very excited when I received my free sample of this new BB cream as I am fast becoming a fan of BB products. This BB cream has a fantastic high factor SPF30 which one of the best protections you can get in a facial product. When I first opened the sample pack I was very surprised at how fluid the cream actually was. The consistency is so runny it is extremely difficult to get a small amount from the sachet without spilling it everywhere! Once I had resolved this issue I got to work on applying it. The texture is very smooth and light and easily blends and absorbs into the skin. This is where I hit my first snag. The cream is classed as 'nude' but it has an extremely light tint which paled my neutral olive skin so much I had to resort to bronzer afterward. This aside the cream does cover a remarkable amount of flaws and blemishes and gives a dewy look without greasiness. This BB is more foundation like then any others I have tried and there is real danger of over applying so that the coverage looks unnatural on the skin. The trick is to use less product and blend, blend, blend. My skin felt extremely soft and smooth after application and for the following days I used this alone without day cream as the moisturisation from this product is high. Throughout the day it controls shine and does not slip, or settle into lines and pores. I could however feel this product on my skin and kept having to check in the mirror for fear of slippage but it stayed in place without a flaw all day. This BB turned my face into such a flawless blank canvas I had to apply a fair amount of bronzer to get my healthy glow back. I feel this would be suited better to paler skins but don't be frightened to try really is very effective!!
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