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Morganna’s Bellatox
Day Moisturisers AngelymaulidyaAngelymaulidya January 06, 2017 1734
Instant lift!
(Updated: April 12, 2017)
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I received this item to review. The product comes in a stylish box and consists of a bottle with a pump attachment and transparent lid. The container looks larger than 15ml in size and the chromed details make the product look like a luxury item. The pump delivers the product cleanly, without any product left drying in the nozzle. One pump is sufficient for the face on my dry skin and another for the neck and decollete area. The gel-like fluid has a slight amber tinge and has a mid-textured consistency. The company has good ethics and the product is unfragranced. It does bear the aroma of the ingredients and has a slightly astringent smell. When applied, an instant tightening sensation is felt. Usually, I am in a rush and don't get to watch the effects. More recently, I took the time to examine my skin carefully before and after application to see exactly what is going on. I was actually astonished to see that the lines I have above the outer edge of my eyebrows pulled back and, over a period of a couple of minutes, appeared to lessen to the extent that they were nearly smooth. I was very impressed. In addition the resulting surface skin texture is silky smooth to the touch. Initially, I used this product as a moisturiser, however for dryer skin types, some supplementary moisturisation is required as skin begins to feel dry approximately an hour after application. This being the case, I switched to using Bellatox solely as a serum beneath a dedicated moisturiser for dry skin, which has been very effective in maximising the wonderful smoothing properties of the product with increased hydration. Usage without additional moisturisation would be very effective for those with oilier skin types.
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