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Day & Night Moisturisers catsholidaycatsholiday August 08, 2013 2055
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Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle in Time

This was one of three products I treated myself to one day when I had some Boots vouchers and S&G had an offer of three for the price of two.

This is a day moisturiser and before this I had not tried any of S&G's face products and had only used their bath stuff and body creams so I was interested to try these to see how they compared to other brands.

I do like the S&G brand in that they are original with their retro 1950s sort of images and packaging and their quirky play on word names but I do have to admit their products are expensive compared to many and not always worth the price.

I am happy to confirm that they do not test on animals but do also say  At Soap & Glory, we absolutely do not test our formulations on animals, however we can’t say that each and every ingredient that goes into them has not, at some point historically, been cleared for human use, by animal testing.'
Soap & Glory proudly claim  'We do not test our products on animals, just very picky people' 

This moisturiser comes in a fairly plain cream coloured upside down tube. It stands on the lid which is handy as the product is always down where you squeeze it out. The plastic tube is of course recyclable through your plastic recycling system and the tube also means that you can get most of the product out so there is little waste.

The product description on Boots website claims “
“A moisturising day cream engineered with an unparalleled Swiss-developed anti-aging complex that blends high performance hydrators and clinically proven collagen stimulating tri-peptides to smooth away wrinkles and protect your skin.”


The cream is very light and has a slight fruity scent. They suggest applying this after cleansing, allow it to soak in for a few minutes before applying make up.

The cream was easy to apply as it was light and soft and soaked in pretty quickly. I was disappointed to see there was no mention of what sun protection there was considering they also say on the tube that to keep your skin young “Don't smoke, sun, drink, or sleep deprive it to death.” I think that one of the things I now look for in a day moisturiser is SPF because if it is not there then I feel I need to apply a make up with it or use a sun screen as well. They do say on the tube that it has sun fliters but doesn't mention what these are or how much protection they offer.

It feels nice and cool and gentle on my face and very quickly soaks in. I have no trouble applying make up after using this and I have no greasy feel on my face at all. I find it works well on my combination skin not too greasy for the T zone and moisturising enough for my drier cheeks.

Have I noticed a big difference in my skin while using this? Well no not really but it is hard to say as I do use a variety of skin creams. I used this for a month as my main moisturiser during the day during the winter and kept just a little to write this review. I applied some just before writing to remind myself what it felt like .

The cream also has light reflectors which mean that it gives your skin a bit of a brightening lightening effect. I can't say that this effect is obvious to me. I have even applied some to my hand to see if I could tell and it is subtle. I can tell I have a cream on there as it feels nice and cool and my skin looks and feels softer and more cared for but the light reflecting effect is a bit too subtle for me to observe.

You can buy this from You can buy this in Boots on from Boots on line and Harvey Nichs I believe. You get a 50ml tube for £8 which is not bad value when it comes to day moisturisers and if you get the three for two offer then it works out very reasonable.

I am not sure how I feel about this cream as it does feel nice and moisturising on my skin, it smells nice and mildly fruity. Maybe slightly too greasy for someone with greasy skin but for those with older drier skin then it feels fine. I'd like to know what the sun protection is and I would be happier to know what ingredients were in this that helped with the anti ageing . When you look at the ingredients on the website they are , once again, not exactly natural sounding and there are parabens etc in there so I guess it is a case of try it for yourself if you are not worried about natural ingredients.

'Catch a Wrinkle in Time' is one of S&G's products that contain no animal derived ingredients and is therefore safe for vegetarians and vegans to use.

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Smells nice and easy to apply , easily absorbed
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Didn't do much for my wrinkles
A nice smelling face cream but not that effective - nice cream but catching wrinkles?? Not really but at two for three it isn't bad value.
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