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I have always been a hardened fan of all things lavender and am steadfast in my belief that pure lavender is beneficial not only to the skin but also to the soul. The reputed benefits of this wonderful plant go back through time and it is clear that it really is a magical ingredient, especially in beauty products. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to try the MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturiser and expected great things from this product. I was not disappointed! Due to a lifelong medical condition and a very stressful lifestyle my complexion tends be hormonal and prone to breakouts and irritation as well as dullness and dehydration. As I am now past the 40 mar ageing is a daily concern for me also. Always being conscious of the ingredients of skin products and their impact on both my body and the environment I was thrilled to find these products from MuLondon, whose ethic is pure in both their recipes and responsibility to the environment.
The second product from the range I have recently trialed is the Organic Lavender Moisturiser. I wanted to use this product mainly as a prescription moisturizer that I could mix and match with others from the range. I have been using this cream mainly in the mornings after a good overnight feed from the Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh moisturizer. I prefer a lighter product during the day and wanted a cream that would address my breakouts and areas of irritation. The moisturiser has a solid balm/ cream like texture and has a subtle off white colour. It is housed in a simple practical glass jar with a sturdy, easy to open screw top lid and simple and easy to understand labeling. Extracting the product from the jar can be a little fiddly, especially for girls with long nails but I have used a little spatula for dispensing which makes life much easier. The balm cream is highly concentrated so you only need a small pea size amount for both the face and décolleté area. For ease of application you should warm the balm between your palms and this way it applies smoothly, quickly and evenly onto the skin. As you are smoothing the product on you can hear a delightful subtle crackle, not too dissimilar to crushing creamy foam bubbles between your hands. The product melts in your palms into an oil like consistency which is completely clear and smoothes onto the skin perfectly! The Shea Butter and Jojoba are wonderful companions to the ingredients which soothe, moisturize and calm the skin. Perhaps the most heavenly part of this moisturizer is the fragrance. Some lavender products can be quite overpowering in scent but this product is subtle but undeniably beautiful. When smoothed onto the skin the fragrance envelopes your senses and combined with the oil like texture you can give your skin an indulgent and highly beneficial, circulatory massage at the same time.
After application my skin feels instantly soft, smooth, calmed and deeply hydrated, just from one tiny application. The fragrance goes a long way to de-stress and soothe the senses and as a nighttime moisturizer this would be wonderful for lavender’s natural sleep aid properties! The product absorbs easily and quickly and leaves no greasy residue on the skin and my makeup applies beautifully on top without fading of slippage. During the day this product does not cause excessive oil production and your skin stays plumped, deeply hydrated and wonderfully soothed and protected.

Over the past 3 weeks this little pot has had amazing results on my acne breakouts and my skin tone looks more even and undeniably smooth. I have been surprised at the level of moisture it provides and more importantly it lasts until the evening when you are ready to apply your night cream. I have been using the 30ml pot of this product and after 3 weeks of daily usage I am now 1/3 of the way through the product so ml for ml this is excellent value for money!

As a prescription product, or just a simple lightweight day or night moisturizer I cannot recommend this wonderful product enough! In my opinion it would be well suited to all ages, especially where irritation or acne prone skins are a concern. For me, I will never again purchase medicinal type products that do little for my skin condition of my senses and I will always have a pot of this handy. An absolute treat for the skin and the senses this is a true hero SOS product. It’s like wrapping your skin a healing, soothing blanket. An absolute must for the dressing table!

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Calming, healing and nurturing and deeply moistursing. 100% organic, cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Long lasting and excellent value
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Would prefer a spatula for ease of dispense
100% organic, highly effective and multi-tasking face product
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