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Day & Night Moisturisers adminadmin November 11, 2012 3074
A different but welcome approach to face moisturiser
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Works well and is very economical.
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A little disconcerting to use at first
The hemp moituriser probably isn't as instantly likeable as the others in the range as the sniff test is more medicinal than treat but this is an excellent product none the less. Using this concentrated moisturiser takes a little getting used to but because you use so little (and because you can adjust very easily to using less or more) it's very economical and you can use it in a targeted way.

I find the texture to be more mask like than I'm used to and it feels less absorbing when you first apply it (there's a slight after image type feeling like when you apply a light mask) but actually it absorbs quickly and doesn\'t leave any greasy feel at all. As it's designed for healing and protecting I think the medicinal scent and feel in use is very appropriate but I can appreciate that this might be a little disconcerting at first.

I started by alternating it between morning or night but adjusted this after the first few days to just in the morning as this seemed to work better for me. You really don't need much if you follow the instructions to warm it in your hands. It's helpful, as they say, for your face to be moist but I actually prefered a dryer skin for application but that's just me.

I've been using it during some very very cold weather with me walking outside for about three hours a day and my skin's held up very well using this product. My face feels tighter and is clearer and because it doesn't over moisturise I have fewer breakouts. The 30ml jar is small enough to carry on trips so I haven't had to decant any into smaller containers which has been very handy (as is not being worried about spills or bursts from plane travel).

Overall a great product that works well. This one maybe very specific in terms of skin type and condition but it works very well for me.
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March 03, 2013
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