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Day & Night Moisturisers BOTBOT January 22, 2013 3102
Chocolate on my face ,a big disgrace....
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I was so taken with my marigold, frankincense and myrrh MuLondon moisturiser that I used my 20% off code and bought two others as well. This and the hemp one.

This smells so creamy and decadent and is just as lovely to apply as my other one.

I was really surprised at how hard this product was as am used to creams with lots of air and water. This is pretty solid and I scrape some off with my nails so that I end up with a small chunk on the top of my nails, not under them. I then rub two fingers together with the product between them to melt it and then I use the fingers to apply this to my face.

Initially I found it quite greasy and wondered how it would be on my skin but the greasiness went very quickly as the natural oils were absorbed into my skin. I find that this is a great for massaging my face as I apply it. I do a little at a time and gently massage the wrinkliest and most lined areas just as they do when I have a facial. I do this just before I get into bed and it really relaxes me and also feeds my skin with all the goodies so that they can do their magic overnight.

When I use this as a day cream I use it slightly more sparingly and then apply my make up if I am going out. If I am just staying at home then I just apply this and gently massage then add nothing else.

I have had NO nasty reaction since using this and my skin feels nice and soft and the smell is just gorgeous.

Yes this is a great concentrated natural moisturiser with organic natural, vegan friendly quality ingredients. It is easy to use once you get the hang of getting the stuff out. As it gets further down the pot I will use the handle of a teaspoon to get the product out.

Well done MuLondon a great ethical company offering a quality product that smells great.

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Smells yummy and is very concentrated - all natural product
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Quite tricky to get out of the jar
A gorgeous smelling face moisturiser full of organic natural ingredients.
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