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May not smell rosy but made my skin look brighter
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I was lucky enough to be selected to trial this cream for Beautyontrial and was thrilled to bits to receive a full sized pump container so I really can get a good trial from it. I have now been using it just over two weeks and feel that it has given me enough time to give me views.

This is a French company that has been working with organic natural ingredients and creating beauty products since 1983.

The company do not test on animals and create their products using natural organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT and according to the box 99.31% of the total ingredients in this are from natural origin and 29.91% are from organic farming. They also believe in using fair-trade ingredients where available too.
What is really great news for the company and of course for us as purchasers of this is that Naturalift® Youthful Skin Cream is the ONLY certified organic moisturiser to win an AWARD in the new Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible in the Anti-Ageing Miracle Cream category.

My pot is the full sized pump bottle which holds 50ml and the price from the website is £32 which is not cheap but when you consider the company ethics and compare it to similar natural products it is about average.

The pump is very efficient and I found it easy to squeeze varying amounts according to my needs at the time. Often this is not the case and you either get far too much or not enough so that was useful for me. The container is hard plastic so no danger of breakages if accidently dropped either and then you can recycle it wherever you recycle your plastics.

The cream is very light and is absorbed very quickly into my face leaving it feeling cool and much tighter instantly. It also feels well moisturized too with no greasy feeling at all to my skin. The instructions tell you to apply a small amount of cream to face and neck, morning and evening, after cleansing thoroughly. This I did religiously for the last few weeks and I do think my skin is looking a bit more youthful, tighter and firmer in the places where it had been a little tired and sagging. This is designed and sold as a ‘youth-restoring cream ‘ and I really did find it softened the lines around my mouth ( laughter lines) and those on my forehead have also become less obvious. My skin feels all round much tighter and smoother and it does work almost straight away. I notice it especially in the morning as I out this on then have my breakfast before adding any make up and in that short time it seem to have woken my skin uo and made it look more youthful.
On the box it also gives you the extra tip which does require you to spend a bit more on their site and that is :

“ For greater moisturising action (for Dry skin), revitalising action (for Sensitive skin) or rebalancing action (for Combination skin) combine the product with the Quintessential Oil specific to your skin type. This extra treatment is particularly effective for restoring skin overnight.”
I can’t give you any feedback on that advice as I have not bought the appropriate serum from Melvita personally.

I do find the smell a little odd. It sort of smells slightly like lemon but with a slightly house cleaning product sort of addition. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but let’s put it this way I would not choose to have the scent created into a perfume to wear! Melvita say it has a subtle scent of Rosewood and Geranium but I can’t say that I can detect rosewood which is lovely as a scent nor can I detect geranium certainly not a scented geranium but it is not bought for its smell so I won’t down grade it on that score..

The extract of wild Beech buds are rich in flavonoids and polyphenols and as well as being great at moisturising, they also help to energise the skin..
The Hibiscus seeds apparently have oligopeptides which are said to be the ingredient that helps to reduce the appearance of those nasty laughter and frown lines.
Argan nut proteins are the ingredient that works on firming and tightening and is the magic ingredient of the moment as you fing Argan oil in so many beauty products these days.
Chestnut, Camelina and Saflower oils are all full of rich oils containing vitamins and minerals beneficial to skin.

Alpine buddleia works as a powerful anti-free radical to get rid of allthe nasties we absord in just living day to day in our world
The juice of the New Zealand fern, Mamaku is there to fight the aging of the skin and to revitalize it and make the skin on our face look more youthful.
Also in this cream we find water so essential for rehydrating the skin. Incidentally drinking lots of water is also very beneficial for our skin and what is even better is that it is free!

Yes indeed. It is not the instant face lift in a bottle that we all wish for but it does a very good job. It makes my face skin feel less old and certainly gives it a bit of a lift and extra firmness. The lines and wrinkles are sadly still there but they look less obvious and my face somehow looks brighter so I am very happy with the results. It is certainly a brand I shall be looking out for in the future as I admire their ethics and feel that this is the way we should be going with our beauty products. Beauty without cruelty should be the motto for all in my view.

The cream is gentle and effective. I have had no allergic reaction from using this and it makes me happy to know no animal suffered in its creation either. I am not that fussed by the smell of this one but as a tightening and firming face cream it does a good job.

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Works well, not tested on animals and natural organic ingredients
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The smell isn't the greatest
Really pleasant feeling natural skin cream that tightened my aging skin well.
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