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Innarah VenoDefense™ Hydrating Treatment Crème
Day & Night Moisturisers mjaffery12mjaffery12 August 17, 2014 2870
Whipped textured moisture
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Strongest points
Not tested on animals
Natural ingredients
Long-lasting pot
Lightweight packaging
Pretty box
Whipped-textured cream
Neutral aroma

Weakest points
Price point
Not widely available
May not be rich textured enough for some skin types
Print rubs off pot
Box interior
I received a small sample of the Treatment Cream to try and the packaging may vary from the full sized version. This product comes in a very pretty and sturdy box with a magnet to seal stylishly. The first impression was that this is a luxury product with great attentiveness to making the user feel pampered and excited from the outset. My sample-sized pot was carefully nestled with tissue and an a little fabric covered cushion inside. After discarding the tissue I felt that the interior of the box didn't carry the same level of attentiveness as the exterior as the papered interior didn't quite reach the height of the cushion, revealing the grey, card sides. It is possible that the full sized version has a different interior as the pot may be a different size, concealing the card sides. The Treatment Cream comes in a shiny black pot which has a screw top and is printed in white with the Innarah branding and product details. The pot is made of plastic, which is light-weight and has a good seal. This makes it very convenient for travelling - always a plus for me. My little pot arrived with a detailed leaflet describing the cream and the other products in the Innarah range.

On opening the pot I was pleased by the oyster-coloured, pearly, whipped-textured cream it contained. Applying a little to my hand I was delighted to see that the cream smoothed easily into my skin without leaving any oily residue or needing to be massaged extensively. The cream has a neutral smell, without any artificial perfume, but without any strong smell of particular ingredients, which pleased me. On applying to my skin, my skin felt moisturised quickly and a surprising small quantity of the cream went a very long way. Although I have dry skin and generally choose creams specifically for this skin type, I felt that the light-texured treatment cream worked well on my skin during the summer months but I haven't tried using it in winter. I used this little sample as a day cream until the pot was empty and found that 15ml lasted approximately one month, without being mean on the quantity I applied. I found that two index-finger loads was enough to cover my entire face, neck and decolete. My skin felt soothed and calmed by the Treatment Cream upon application and it was a pleasure to use. Having taken the little pot away with me on holiday I found that the printing on the little pot did rub off, but this may not be the same pot which is used for the full-sized product. My only reticence regarding this product is the price point, it is outside the reach of most women, who may have to consider the cost of this product against other family needs.

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September 19, 2016
Lovely stuff - I must do my review now we are back from our holiday
December 06, 2016
Thenk you very much for such a detailed and interesting review covering the product from all angles! The description is so good that I almost feel like I have tried the product myself :)
(Updated: April 12, 2017) April 12, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment

Thank you, 4lex4nd4, for your very kind feedback. It is lovely to know! :*
April 12, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment

Looking forward to reading your views, Catsholiday, when your feet have a moment to touch the ground! ;)
4 results - showing 1 - 4
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