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I'll admit I'm more often than not drawn to try a product that I've not read any reviews about if it has nice packaging, and that's what happened here. Boots had their 3 for 2 offer on again and I decided it would be a good time to try out some Soap & Glory, though instead of coming out with 3 products I somehow ended up buying 6, oops.

I love the smell of this, though it did leave me feeling a bit weird applying it to my face to start with. I have a particular love for Frubes, and this smells exactly like the Peach flavoured frube, and the look/texture of the cleanser is also very frube-like. However I got over that pretty quickly.

I apply this over my face (avoiding the eye area) and rub in for 60 seconds. I find 1 pump is enough to cover my face but I generally use 2 just because I feel like 1 isn't quite enough and the product seems to be spread a little too thinly.

The major downside of this for me is that I have to use another cleanser beforehand to remove my eye makeup. This can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable on my cheeks, which I think are a little more sensitive than the rest of my skin, so I feel that for those with very sensitive skin it may be best to avoid this one.

After use my skin feels incredibly soft though I don't think I get as much of that clean feeling with this as I have with other cleansers, possibly because it feels quite moisturising. Probably better aimed at those with slightly drier skin than those with oily/combination (though that's just guesswork with how it reacted on my normal to slightly oily t-zone skin).

Something to note is that on the bottle it does mention it contains ingredients that can make the skin more photosensitive and to make sure you've got a decent SPF handy. Personally I've not been using any SPF with it (other than the SPF15 in my foundation I sometimes use) and haven't had any trouble, but I have seen the occasional person who has had their skin go rather red after using this.

I've yet to decide if I'll repurchase as I do prefer something I can use to take my eyemakeup off with as well, but it's not a huge issue for me. It's definitely the best cleanser I've used for the price, especially considering you get a generous 200ml in a bottle, and it smells (and looks) edible which may or may not be considered a benefit xD

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Probably wouldn't recommend for very sensitive skin.
I wouldn't use to remove eye makeup.
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