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Cleansers adminadmin June 15, 2014 3600
Lovely novelty
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Strongest points
-organic product
-leaves skin refreshed, soft and balanced
-eliminates impurities
-beautiful and original packaging
Weakest points
lack of usage instructions
Hello, I was happy to receive this cleanser cream for trial as I love to try different kinds of creams as I have rather capricious skin. First of all such deep green color is my favourite one and I was delighted with the packaging. I was also happy that it's an organic product with no parabens and other artificial additives and as the main thing with my favourite rose petal extact. I must say I love rose extract so much, it effects my skin miraculously.I have several lotions and tonics with the rose extract and use them regularly.The extract protects my skin from acne spreading extremely good, cures, softens and maintains youthful complexion. And now about the Anar cream. First of all I was puzzled how to use it. On the packaging I only found that It should be applied every day as usual .So I used it as a cream.First of all I felt how really natural the cream was. I should say that in autumn and winter my skin becomes very irritated and tight and very few regular creams with artificial additives can help me at this time. Frequently I have to only use peach oil to nourish and protect my skin from external factors.After using Anar cream I felt my skin refreshed, hydrated and bright looking. No feeling of tight and stretched skin.Stunning result! And the main thing that after some days of using the cream I really noticed that some of my not very conspicious post-acne spots became less visible. And I even stopped using concealer for some time.So this cleanser cream meets the needs of my skin perfectly and I'm going to use it on regular basis.Thank you, amazing beautyontrial for such an opportunity to try organic products.

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